Aircraft Valuations in 2009: Making Sense of a Turbulent Year
A Webinar Presented by Aviation Today

Monday, June 29, 2009
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (ET)

$297 per site location.

What is the direction of aircraft values, in today's troubled global economy? As we approach the mid-point of 2009, certain indicators suggest that maybe — just maybe — the brutal global recession is bottoming out.

Listen to experts discuss the future of aircraft values in the coming year, examining both the potential downsides and upsides. Despite the uncertainty now gripping aircraft valuations, plenty of moneymaking opportunities exist for those who possess a clear head and the right data.

This webinar aims to make sense of the contradictory forces buffeting the market and identify the risks and rewards associated with investing in aircraft and by inference, airlines.

Anyone with an interest in buying, leasing, selling, making, or operating aircraft will want access to this timely webinar.

You'll learn:

  • How severely will values and rentals be affected by the global financial crisis?
  • How will current woes at AIG's subsidiary, the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), affect access to capital and aircraft values?
  • How will fuel prices affect the market in the year ahead?
  • Regardless of how fuel prices pan out, are older fuel-guzzling aircraft doomed? Or are there scenarios whereby they can retain some demand?
  • How will environmental issues come into play?
  • Where are values / lease rentals on the curve?
  • Will funding be an issue in the short term?
  • Will there be consolidation among lessors as a means to achieve economies of scale?
  • Are the low cost carriers able to absorb all aircraft on order?
  • Which widebodies will be the most popular in five, ten years time?
  • Will the low cost carriers generate demand for larger narrowbodies?
  • When will the narrowbody replacements come on stream and why?
  • Is there a future for the long haul low cost carrier?
  • Are appraised values too high or too low?
  • Is now the time to sell or buy?

…and more!

Hear from these experts:


Kostya Zolotusky
Managing Director,
Capital Markets Development - Aircraft Financial Services
Boeing Capital Corporation

Chris Baur
Consulting and Technical Services
Hughes Aerospace

Paul Leighton

Paul Leighton
Chief Executive Officer,
Aircraft Value Analysis Co.
Aircraft Value News


John Persinos John Persinos
Publisher/Editorial Director,
Aviation Today

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If you are having any technical difficulties or need assistance meeting these requirements, please contact our Technical Support Center at 866-709-8255 or click here. For content questions regarding this Webinar, contact John Persinos at jpersinos@accessintel.com

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