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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lead Customer Takes First Phenom 100

Kathryn Creedy

Two days after the Embraer Phenom 100 received its Federal Aviation Administration type certificate, it delivered its first production jet to lead customers James and Elizabeth Frost, of Houston, Tex., who took delivery in São José dos Campos. Related Story  The aircraft entered the U.S. after successfully completing its ferry flight. A second Phenom 100 aircraft was delivered on December 29.
“What an exciting day! This is what we have been working towards, since May 2005, when we launched the Phenom 100,” said Executive Vice President, Executive Jets Luís CarlosAffonso. “It is truly an honor to deliver the first Phenom 100 to Jim and Betsy Frost, who have been with us since day one, not only as customers, but also as invaluable contributors on the program advisory board.”
Mrs. Frost runs a family partnership in real estate and mineral holdings and Mr. Frost manages new business projects. Mr. Frost has been flying since the age of 16, and Mrs. Frost, who began flying in the mountains of Colorado, is a Certified Flight Instructor and has logged several thousand hours over the last 15 years.
“The Phenom 100 is fast, easy and fun to fly,” said Elizabeth Frost. “I had the most fun in years while flying it during training in Texas and while in Brazil. We wanted a plane with which we could entertain our family and friends on quick trips between Houston and Colorado as well as to other destinations, and with plenty of baggage space. The Prodigy avionics system is really easy to operate and very friendly, always providing full situational awareness.”
Her husband echoed her enthusiasm when he said, “The Phenom 100 is fabulous! The high degree of automation makes it a great single-pilot jet and, as an owner/operator, I think I am already spoiled by the amazing cockpit. The Phenom 100 completes our normal mission using less fuel and in much less time than the turboprop it is replacing. We are looking forward to realizing the benefits of the advanced digital design of the aircraft in lower maintenance costs and less down time.”
The delivery is the culmination of an ambitious plan to enter the business jet industry, originally rolled out in 2005 and now includes six aircraft; all in the space of three years and comes as the largest platform the Lineage 1000 gained its Brazilian, European and U.S. certifications. The design, development, certification, and first delivery of the Phenom 100 took just over three-and-a-half years, in what Embraer calls “a distinctive achievement in the industry.”
Following the success of the Legacy 600, the Phenom 100 entry level jet was launched in 2005, along with the Phenom 300 light jet, confirming Embraer’s commitment to the business aviation market. Brazilian certification for the Phenom 100 was granted by the National Civil Aviation Authority (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC), on December 9, 2008. Embraer also received ANAC’s certification (CHE) to produce the Phenom 100. EASA certification is expected for the second quarter of 2009.
In 2006, the company introduced the Lineage 1000 ultra-large jet, deliveries for when begin shortly. Last year, the company rounded out its offerings by introducing the Legacy 500 and the Legacy 450, launched for the midsize and midlight categories, and scheduled to enter service in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Lineage Receives FAA Ticket
Just a week after it received Brazilian and European type certification, the Embraer Lineage 1000 was awarded a type certificate and a supplemental type certification by the Federal Avaition Administration. To date, over 20 Lineage 1000 jets have been sold worldwide. Related Story
The STC is for the jet’s interior, which was designed, manufactured and installed by PATS Aircraft Completions, a subsidiary of DeCrane Aerospace, located in the United States. Approval has also been granted for the newly designed auxiliary fuel system, which is compliant with the latest SFAR 88 safety requirements
“We are pleased to announce the certification of the Lineage 1000 by the FAA, confirming all the exceptional characteristics previously approved by ANAC and EASA,” said Affonso. “One of the great achievements of this project regards to the maximum range of the aircraft, which was extended to 4,500 nautical miles, giving operators new possibilities for routes and destinations.”
The cabin styling was developed in a partnership between Embraer and the UK-based design office Priestman Goode, of London. Launched in May 2006, the Lineage 1000 is the largest executive jet in Embraer’s portfolio. The aircraft is based on the ERJ 190 commercial jet, first certified in August 2005 and since logged more than 2.2 million hours.
The certification confirms the Lineage 1000’s maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 120,150 pounds (54,500 kg), and authorizes the jet to operate under Extended Operations rules (ETOPS 120). This clearance demonstrates the aircraft’s capability of flying routes that have a diversion airport up to 120 minutes from the flight path, said the company, affording missions over oceans, deserts and other inhospitable areas.

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