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Monday, October 20, 2008

ARINC Offers Low-Cost Solutions for VLJs

Orlando, Fla. – ARINC is offering an economical package of web-enabled flight support services for operators of Very Light Jets (VLJs) and other general aviation aircraft with takeoff weights below 12,500 lbs, including small turboprops and other entry-level corporate planes.
“Nearly 400 Eclipse and Cessna VLJs have started flying in the last two years, and this is the first suite of flight support applications that is cost-effective for them,” stated Senior Director Business Aviation Services Bob Richard. “ARINC is happy to support this fast-growing and under-served segment of today’s business aviation market.”
Many light jet operators limit their flight support services to low-cost generic flight planning applications. ARINC’s new VLJ package provides a much more accurate and useful flight planning service, plus real-time and forecasted weather, real-time aircraft tracking, and the enhanced safety of full runway analysis and weight & balance calculations as used by many larger corporate aircraft.
ARINC joined with Sabre Meteorology for weather and Aircraft Performance Group for runway and weight and balance analyses in addition to 11 other partners to which it pays a license fee for every aircraft using the system. “We know the license fees for larger jets would not work in the VLJ market,” said Richard. “So, we went back to our suppliers to reduce the license fees to support VLJ operators. For an additional $25 per flight, users can call in to use one of our flight coordinators to develop and file a flight plan. What we are doing is leveraging the things we’ve already built so we can lower our price to a point that is a good business model for us and an advantage for smaller operators.”
The ARINC VLJ package includes a full suite of support services available on-line at a yearly subscription rate of $1500, a substantial discount from the annual full service fee designed for larger business jets of $10,000. It includes comprehensive flight planning, weather, aircraft tracking, runway analysis, and weight & balance applications. All applications are accessible from a standard Internet connection, PDA/BlackBerry-type device, or smartphone. Subscribers may also purchase aviation fuel through ARINC Direct at favorable negotiated rates.
Aircraft already in service that qualify for the new ARINC package include the Cessna Citation Mustang VLJ, CitationJet 525 CJ turbofan series, the Eclipse 500 VLJ, and the Swearingen SJ30-2. Aircraft expected to debut soon include the HondaJet VLJ, Embraer Phenom series, Grob spn, and the Diamond D-Jet.
The ARINC Direct VLJ package is designed for self-service use by pilots and flight departments, but real-time assistance is available 24/7 from the staff of the ARINC Flight Operations Center.

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