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Monday, August 26, 2013

Russia Approves ATR Jets for Unpaved Runways

The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has approved new generation ATR aircraft to operate from unpaved runways in remote areas of Russia, the company said Monday. 
(ATR 72-600. Photo, courtesy of ATR.)
IAC's approval is applicable to ATR's -600 series regional turboprop jets, allowing the aircraft to operate from gravel, dirt and grass runway strips. ATR's aircraft have been approved for a total of four unpaved runways, including Mys Kamenny, Lensk, Bodaibo and Igrim. 
The approval will require "minimal airframe modifications," according to Carmine Orsi, senior vice president of technical operations at ATR. 

In a statement, the airframe manufacturer said more unpaved air strips are currently begin assessed. 


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