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Monday, October 15, 2012

Report: Russian Pilots Involved in An-28 Plane Crash Were Drunk

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Foundation released an update about the blood-alcohol content of the bodies of the two Russian pilots who crashed an An-28 plane in the Kamchatka Territory last month, killing themselves and 10 of 14 people onboard.

The investigators said conclusions of medical forensic expert examinations of the An-28 pilots’ bodies found 0.92 percent of alcohol in the captain’s blood, which is equal to a minor alcoholic intoxication. The co-pilot was found to have 2.03 percent of alcohol in his blood, which is equal to average alcoholic intoxication, according to the Investigative Committee.

The investigation is ongoing, with investigators now focusing on giving “the principled legal treatment to actions of officials responsible for permitting pilots to flights,” according to the committee.

According to The Associated Press, Russia has had a series of fatal aircraft crashes recently, such the June 2011 crash involving a drunk pilot that killed 47 passengers onboard. 

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