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Friday, April 11, 2014

Interjet to Test EGTS

[Aviation Today April 11, 2014] Mexican carrier Interjet has a new agreement with Honeywell and Safran to evaluate the performance of the Electric Green Taxiing System (EGTS), the result of a joint venture between the two companies designed to use electric motors on the main wheels of an aircraft to enable it to push back from the gate autonomously and then taxi without using engines.

Under the new agreement, Interjet will share data on its taxiing procedures at high altitude airports, as Honeywell and Safran want to gain a better understanding of how the EGTS system performs under the low air density found at high altitudes.
"Interjet will help us to confirm that EGTS is the only on-board system currently in development capable of generating enough traction during taxiing in all weather conditions and at all airports,” said Brian Wenig, vice president EGTS Program, Honeywell. “The partnership will also help us refine system capabilities for operation in different environmental conditions that change the demand placed on the Auxiliary Power Units [APUs] used to provide power [to] the EGTS motors.”
Interjet is the first airline in Latin America to collaborate with the two companies on the development of EGTS, joining European carriers easyJet, Air France and Go Air.
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