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Monday, October 7, 2013

ICAO Sets 2020 Goal for Cutting Emissions

The European Commission (EC) made major progress in its goal of developing a global mechanism to reduce aviation emissions, after the ICAO agreement to create a global market-based-mechanism (MBM) for cutting aircraft carbon emissions by 2016. 
Under the agreement, airlines will participate in discussions to design a global MBM, including standards for monitoring, reporting and verifying aircraft
carbon emissions by 2016. The global MBM will create mechanisms for improving technology, operations and infrastructure that address global carbon emissions produced by commercially operated aircraft. 
"Now we have a strong mandate and a short three-year time frame to sort out the details. Airlines need and want a global MBM. Without losing any of the momentum built up over these last two weeks, we are eager to get on with the detailed work needed to design the global scheme in time for finalization at the 2016 Assembly," said Tony Tyler, director general and CEO of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). 
ICAO's member states will now be tasked with creating a proposal for a global MBM scheme that is capable of being implemented by 2020. 
"This MBM agreement is an historic milestone for air transport and for the role of multilateralism in addressing global climate challenges," said ICAO Council President Roberto Kobeh González.


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