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Friday, December 20, 2013

Boeing KC-46A Engines Ready for Testing

Woodrow Bellamy III 

Pratt & Whitney delivered the first PW4062 engines for the first KC-46A test aircraft to Boeing's Everett, Wash. facility this week, the jet engine manufacturer said Friday Dec. 20. 
The first engine delivery follows the recent joining of the fuselage and wings for the KC-46A last week. Boeing's KC-46A is a converted 767 commercial 767 airframe designed as a replacement for the U.S. Air Force's current fleet of KC-135 aerial refueling tankers. 
Boeign was first awarded the $4.4 billion KC-46A engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) program in February 2011, which requires four prototype aircraft to be initially used for flight test and delivered as part of 18 mission-ready aerial tankers by August 2017.
"These engines bring tremendous capability to the KC-46A, which supports superior multi-role mission performance by delivering more fuel, transporting more passengers and cargo, and offering enhanced aeromedical capabilities," said Howie Chandler, vice president of business development at Pratt & Whitney's military engines division. 
The two PW4062 engines that will power the KC-46A each deliver 62,000 pounds of thrust, according to Pratt & Whitney. 

The four initial test airframes are on schedule for completion by mid-2014, with first test flight scheduled for January 2015.  

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