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Monday, May 6, 2013

Boeing 737 MAX Engine Design Complete

By Woodrow Bellamy III

CFM International completed the design configuration for its LEAP-1B engines on the Boeing 737 MAX. According to parent company GE Aviation, the configuration is paving the way for the "detailed design  phase" to begin; the LEAP-1B is on schedule to begin flight testing in 2015, followed by engine certification in 2016. 
CFM said it plans on a total of 28 certification engine builds and 30 flight test engines across three different LEAP engine models -- LEAP-1A, -1B and -1C -- over the next three years. The LEAP–1A is on schedule to begin ground testing in the fall.
"Experience has taught us that the more testing we do before the first engine goes into service, that smoother that entry will be," said Gareth Richards, LEAP program manager for GE Aviation. "That's why we are going to log more than 40,000 engine cycles – the equivalent of approximately 10 years of airline service – over the next three years to ensure that we deliver service-ready engines from day one."
Boeing has promoted the 737 MAX as its most fuel efficient commercial aircraft to date, promising up to 13 percent reduced fuel burn and CO2 emissions over current generation 737 planes.

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