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Monday, September 30, 2013

Alaska Airlines Orders Five Boeing 737s

Woodrow Bellamy III

Alaska Airlines is exercising options to purchase five Boeing 737-900ERs for $481 million, the carrier said Monday. 
(Alaska Airlines Boeing 737. Photo, courtesy of Boeing.)
The airline is looking to grow its operations and fleet by "4 to 8 percent a year," said Mark Eliasen, vice president of finance at Alaska Airlines. The 737-900ERs will be in a two-class configuration with 181 seats, about 26 passengers more than the 737-900. 
According to Boeing, the 737-900ER has a 6 percent lower operating cost than "competing models."
Alaska expects the first two aircraft to arrive in 2015, with the last delivery scheduled for 2017. By the end of 2014, the airline expects to have 134 Boeing 737s in its commercial passenger fleet. 

The latest purchase brings Boeing's total 737 orders for the year to 672, well over half of its total 839 aircraft orders that have been booked for the year. 


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