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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alaska Airline Ranked the Most Fuel Efficient U.S. Airline

Woodrow Bellamy III

A new study found that Alaska Airlines is the most fuel efficient carrier in the United States. 
Using data reported gathered form the 2010 fuel-consumption reports submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a study conducted by the International Council of Transportation (ICCT) found that Alaska is able to travel the furthest on a gallon of jet fuel. Alaska was the first U.S. carrier to train its pilots to fly GPS-guided required navigation performance (RNP) procedures in 1996, and was the first airline in 2009 approved by FAA to conduct its own RNP flight validations. 
ICCT examined the fuel efficiency of the 15 largest airlines operating in the U.S. and issued a fuel efficiency score based on the airline industry's average fuel economy within a given year. Spirit Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines tied for second on the list, trailed by Continental and Southwest, all of which were separated by 2 percent or less on ICCT's efficiency scale. 
Low cost carrier Allegiant Air finished last, with a fuel efficiency rate 26 lower than Alaska's, which is attributable to the airline's fleet of aging McDonnell Douglas aircraft.


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