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Fred Messina
Executive Advisor
Booz Allen Hamilton

As Vice President in the Transportation business, with a focus on aviation infrastructure, Mr. Messina is responsible for driving the creation and application of critical service offerings for clients in the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Messina is currently working with government and industry stakeholders on the transformation of the US national air transportation system known as NextGen.

In 2009, Mr. Messina received national recognition for his leadership on a Government task force representing over 100 stakeholder organizations and 300 aviation professionals. The nearly year-long task force resulted in the re-definition of the future of aviation in the US. Mr. Messina also orchestrated the Harvard Executive Session “Assuring NextGen Success” which brought together senior executives from across civil aviation. Mr. Messina co-authored the resulting publication, Assuring the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System, which received high acclaim throughout the US and international aviation communities. He has appeared as a guest speaker or panel moderator at a number of national conferences and technical symposia, and has been interviewed on WTOP’s Federal News Radio.

Mr. Messina has over 26 years of experience in corporate leadership and growth, mission critical program management, and technology leadership for complex systems of national importance. Prior to joining Booz Allen Hamilton, he held a number of officer and leadership positions in both large and small aerospace concerns including Vice President of Strategic Programs, Vice President for Business Development, and Director of Operations. Mr. Messina holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics, as well as an MBA.

Moderator: Closing the Business Case for NextGen

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