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John Hickey
Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety

Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Administration John Hickey was named Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety in December 2008. He assists the Associate Administrator in providing oversight and direction for the certification, production approval, and continued airworthiness of aircraft; the certification of pilots, mechanics, and others in safety-related positions; the certification of all operations and maintenance enterprises in domestic civil aviation; development of regulations; and the certification and safety oversight for U.S. commercial airlines and air operators. These programs have a direct impact on every facet of domestic and international civil aviation and are the heart of the Nation's aviation safety efforts.

John served as the Director of the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) before his current position. He was directly involved in the development and implementation of several significant safety and security actions, including Fuel Tank Safety, the Aging Airplane Program and Flight Deck Door Security initiatives.

Presenter: Implementing NextGen - FAA Progress and Plans

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