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Tricia Gilbert
Executive Vice President

Elected as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association's seventh executive vice president, Trish Gilbert began serving her three-year term in September 2009 after working the previous 20 years as an air traffic controller at Houston Center (ZHU).

Hired by the FAA in 1988, Gilbert has been a union activist working the boards ever since. Her activism with NATCA began as a Quality-Through-Partnership (QTP) facilitator in 1992 and then, starting in 1994, led her facility for three terms as the Houston Center's facility representative. Gilbert became SW Region Chair of the National Legislative Committee (NLC) in 2001 before ultimately earning the position of NLC Chair, which she held from 2005 until her 2009 election as NATCA EVP.

In addition, Gilbert held the title of National Organizing Committee Chair from 1996-1999, serving as a team member on the Article 8/9 national workgroup, and has been Delegate to five NATCA National Conventions. She served as vice president of the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) from 1998-2000, prior to taking over the position of NCF President in 2001.

Gilberts achievements have been numerous; her leadership as Houston FacRep resulting in a local membership increase of more than 30 percent. As NLC Chair, she led her team to success, increasing involvement within the legislative category as she raised activism from approximately 60-70 nationwide to more than 300 in order to boost NATCA presence on Capitol Hill.

Following high school graduation, Gilbert moved from her hometown of Eagle Point, OR to the state of Texas, where she attended the University of Houston. She has been married to her husband, John, a retired air traffic controller who also served as NATCA representative at ZHU, since 1989. The two reside in Spring, Texas, where they are the proud parents of daughter Jenna and son John Colby.

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