November 1999

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Regional Aircraft

About this study/key findings:

Covers all turboprop and regional jet aircraft seating 30-108 passengers.

Although the market has stopped shrinking, it’s still flat, a far cry from the great days of 1997-2001, when the industry went from $4.5 billion in deliveries to $7.7 billion in deliveries.

The new larger regional jets have taken over from the 30-50 seat models, but the collapse of the smaller jet market has left a market with few signs of growth.

Forecasted totals for 2007-2016 include 2,284 jets worth $47.2 billion and 1,057 props worth $16.7 billion.

Embraer and Bombardier continue to dominate the market with 54% and 34% by value, respectively.  ATR and at least one new regional jet market entrant will have 12%.

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