November 1999

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World Aircraft Overview

About this study/key findings:

Covers all turbine-powered aircraft built in the world, organized by major market heading (they are not broken down by model).

This industry is firing on both cylinders. The first simultaneous civil and military market upturn in decades is giving most primes a strong boost. While a handful of sub-segments and programs are weak, the supplier base has the diverse program exposure necessary to enjoy this growth.

We forecast production of 41,107 aircraft worth $1.163 trillion between 2006 and 2015. The military component of this market is worth $321.1 billion, while the civil sector is worth $841.4 billion.

Our numbers exclude uninhabited aircraft, non-turbine aircraft, maintenance, overhaul, upgrades, and research. If all of these were included, the industry would be worth well over $3 trillion to the world’s economy over the next ten years.

Over half of the new build market—$661 billion—comprises commercial transports (including regional aircraft). Fighters are second, worth $154.8 billion.

Boeing’s jetliner product line rejuvenation is leading to growing market success. Boeing’s success, coupled with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and broad US defense export market dominance, means great things for the US’s share of the industry. US primes are gaining global market share, largely due to their successful embrace of globalization.

Europe looks set to retain its market share during our forecast period, although European industrial restructuring has not reached its ultimate conclusion. And if Boeing’s lead accelerates, or if the F-35 fulfills its most ambitious expectations, Europe’s share could erode.

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