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RQ-7 and US Army Tactical UAS: Requirements, Scenarios and Outlook (AB085)

This report takes a critical look at U.S. Army Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems through the lens of RQ-7 and a potential larger, rotary-wing UAS to fill the void left with the cancellation of the Future Combat Systems Class IV UAS.


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Persistent ISR: Market Analysis and Outlook (AB080)

  • The 65-page research note AB080, defines, quantifies and forecasts unmanned persistent ISR, with a production forecast running from 2009- 2019. G2 Solutions examined hundreds of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that are military in nature, in service or expected to enter service during the forecast period.
  • In total, 34 UAS and/or future programs are summed to arrive at the $44.4 billion total market acquisition figure.
  • Many high-profile UAS-inclusive programs will be awarded and move to production/delivery in the 2009-2019 timeframe.
  • These include, but are not limited to: Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS), Future Combat Systems (FCS), Watchkeeper, SkyWarrior, STUAS/Tier II and the United States Air Force Next Generation UAS.
  • A number of international sales and service-specific UAS purchases also contribute to this forecast.
  • Not surprisingly, the integration of a strike capability is both a major program and cost driver, and militaries will increasingly be tasked with balancing these two capabilities.


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North American GPS Avionics Retrofit Markets

Executive Briefing Market Findings

  • Garmin maintains a dominant GPS retrofit market share position, with estimated 2007 market share between 75 and 85 percent
  • Lowrance and AvMap and are the only two other players of note within portable and handheld markets
  • This market is still essentially limited by the number of aircraft; even with 3,500 new airframes/year the total addressable market remains stable
  • There is a shrinking addressable market for retrofits in both business and general aviation, due to market saturation, equipment and installation costs and economics of upgrading aging platforms
  • The trend toward forward fit GPS and/or integrated avionics suites in new aircraft further decreases retrofit opportunities through 2018 and beyond
  • Roughly 3,500 aircraft/year are produced within BA and GA in North America; nearly all will have GPS and/or integrated avionics capabilities


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Light Business Jets Avionics: Executive Summary, June 2007 (AB071)

June 2007 Download Executive Summary

Key Findings

  • The emergence of a new line of light and personal business jets will significantly impact avionics market mix over the next five years

  • The Light jets avionics market represents $4.7 billion in revenue terms from 2007 to 2018

  • Growth will be moderate as prices of these new avionics suites remain low compared with other advanced avionics systems such as Proline, Primus Epic or EASy

  • Consolidation is expected to continue at the second tier of the market, with tier one players seeking to expand their business activities in adjacent market segments where current core competencies can be leveraged

  • The emergence of new competitors in the VLJ segment has increasingly contributed to this market fragmentation. Some of the most successful players will eventually migrate into other segments of the business aviation, military or commercial air transport markets.


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General Aviation Avionics Market Analysis and Outlook


  • Demand throughout the forecast period will remain strong despite temporary decline in the short term.

  • New levels of avionics performance have dramatically increased pilot situational awareness.

  • The retrofit market will witness significant technology insertion through 2012 and will be the most dynamic in terms of competitive positioning and new technology introduction.

  • Consolidation will continue. With fewer OEM programs available, companies will continue to shop for technology acquisitions in order to bring themselves closer to integrated avionics offerings. Timing of consolidation is critical as few companies remain that can enhance significantly potential buyers competitive positions.

  • From a competitive standpoint, Garmin’s ultra dominance of the aircraft OEM segment clearly indicates that the company’s market expansion strategy proved correct.


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Federal Supply Code J015: U.S. Department of Defense Maintenance and Repair of Equipment/ Aircraft Structural

About this Study

  • This report examines six years of U.S. DoD spending within the maintenance and repair of structural aircraft assemblies across all service branches

  • It provides a six-year baseline of spending, market share analysis as well as major contracting office locations

  • Research will also point to ongoing and anticipated DoD spending and contracting behavior

  • Global deployments and overall DoD budget scenario are examined as contributing factors

  • Where possible, major contracts are described, with an eye toward sunset and recompete provisions

    – Not all contracts mentioned will be solely applicable to JO15, as MRO contracts encompass avionics, weapons systems, engines as well as structural maintenance, modification and repair


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Federal Supply Code 1560: United States Department of Defense Acquisition of Airframe Structural Components

About this Study

  • This report examines six years of U.S. DoD spending in Federal Supply Code (FSC) 1560 Equipment Aircraft Structural

  • Companies are grouped into three tiers based upon FSC 1560 revenues over time

  • Revenues rose sharply from 2001-2002, and have leveled off at close to $2 billion annually from 2003 to 2006

  • The number of reporting locations has skyrocketed, rising from 484 in 2001 to 1,184 in 2006

  • DoD has spent a total of $12.3 billion in FSC 1560 from 2001-2006

  • It also provides a spending forecast from 2007-2011

  • G2 Solutions worked from contract action data beginning in 1999 as well as another set of information characterizing DoD FSC 1560 spending from 2001- 2006.

  • In its simplest form, airframe structural components markets are similar to commodity trading; through this report G2 looks at macro political, policy and force structure issues to justify a 5-year forecast


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DoD RDT&E: Market Analysis and Outlook (AB079 ES)

Market Findings

  • RDT&E budgets have increased in the recent past due to delays in moving major programs into production; this trend will continue but associated funding growth will slow considerably in the near-term

    – Congress has commenced efforts to gain more oversight into RDT&E program schedule and cost over-runs
    – Programs that show excessive cost growth or fail to meet technical milestones will be increasingly threatened by cancellation

  • Army and Navy RDT&E funding will decrease significantly over near and long-term, as large platform programs transition to procurement and funds are sent to that account to complete the acquisition

  • Early stage development for programs will face increasing funding pressure in the long-term, as final development of large platforms consumes a greater share of the RDT&E budget, particularly in the Army and Navy

  • Supplemental and baseline spending have grown extremely large and become intermixed during the last 4 years. Separating what will continue as baseline will require some fiscal control by the DoD


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Commercial Air Transport Avionics Market, Analysis and Outlook

Executive Briefing
  • Demand throughout the forecast period will be robust with a temporary decline
    towards the later part
  • There will be strong avionics upgrade opportunities in established markets such
    as the US and Europe until new narrowbody aircraft are introduced sometime
    next decade
  • Near Term Outlook: average growth rate 2007-2010: 5.6%, Compound Annual
    Growth Rate 2006-2010: 4.6%
  • Top three avionics OEM competitors control approximately 85% of the forward
    fit market, an increase over previous years
  • Consolidation likely will continue with Tier 1 & 2 companies looking to augment
    their market role in the retrofit segment and make other acquisitions based on
    program or avionics technology-based opportunities. For example, General
    Electric’s 2007 acquisition of Smith Industries has augmented GE’s avionics
    footprint and aircraft shipset value significantly
  • Market vulnerable to a downturn in aircraft orders, however replacement cycles
    and need for more efficient aircraft will moderate such an impact


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Commercial Air Transport Avionics Market

Definitions: What Is Covered?

For the purpose of this report, the term air transport category includes all aircraft in service with regional and major air carriers operating under part 121 or their overseas equivalent.

Avionics are defined as cockpit electronics and exclude antennas, recorders and other passenger only cabin systems. The following categories of airborne equipment are included in this analysis and generally corresponds to ATA 22,23,27,31,24,45 and 91:

  1. Communications
  2. Flight Controls
  3. Displays
  4. Flight Management
  5. Aircraft Sensors
  6. Data Management
  7. Integrated Avionics
  8. Navigation
  9. Surveillance Systems


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Combat Aircraft Market Global Market Outlook 2009-2019 (AB082)

This 30-page research note presents combat aircraft and selected avionics market analysis from 2008 to 2019.

World Air Forces are at various combat aircraft replacement and upgrade cycles. Most NATO countries are in an active replacement phase for their 1970s designed aircraft while emerging nations such as India will evaluate entirely new aircraft sources in the near future. More than 5,000 combat aircraft will be entering service globally over the next decade, with a peak of 524 deliveries in 2014.

Programs such the Lockheed Martin F-35 are set to dominate the marketplace through 2029 while G2 Solutions expects aircraft such as the Dassault Rafale to gain more traction on the export market through 2014. “Rafale has had issues with some export tenders this decade, due to a mix of unfavorable political considerations and system overall technical maturity,” said Michel Merluzeau, G2 Solutions’ Managing Partner. “However, the outlook has improved, with market potential for Rafale around 300 aircraft to 2019, more if it wins the Indian MMRCA competition.”

Airframes of concern this decade include the Saab Gripen and Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle (SE). Gripen has been relatively successful, but now competes for tenders in Brazil and India where the aircraft is clearly at a disadvantage against the Boeing F-18E or Dassault Rafale. Failure to gain additional orders might see the program come to a standstill by 2015, however there are smaller opportunities such as Argentina that are possibly ideally suited for Gripen. “The upgraded F-15SE is an interesting niche option for existing F-15 operators, but the market opportunity window is tight and the addressable market is probably fewer than 100 aircraft,” stated Merluzeau.

The study also highlights the remarkable longevity of the Lockheed Martin F-16 series, soon to be supplanted by the F-35. Thirty years since its entry in service, G2 Solutions analysis predicts that more than 200 F-16s have/will be delivered between 2008 and 2019. Lockheed Martin will maintain a commanding lead with a market share greater than 43%, ahead of Boeing, AVIC1, Eurofighter-EADS and Dassault Aviation.


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Business Aviation Avionics Market Analysis and Outlook, February 2009 (AB081)

Market Findings

  • Business aviation avionics markets remain very dynamic. Although a significant slow down of US and European market demand will affect sales over the next three years.

  • The sector remains the most innovative in terms of new technology adoption and experimentation.

  • Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Universal Avionics continue to dominate the medium to higher market segments with Garmin establishing a solid foothold at the lower end of the market segment with emerging light jet programs.

  • The dominance of integrated systems will not lead to a similar dominance from one or two players alone. Aircraft OEMs are likely to mitigate risk with the transition to multiple subs working for a lead integrator on future key programs.


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Battlefield UAS: Market Analysis and Outlook

Report AB083 is a detailed 11-year world acquisition spending analysis. The report cuts through Nano, Micro, Mini and Close Range Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) categories, with the intention of forecasting UAS that could readily contribute to forward deployed situational awareness during the forecast period.


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Airborne Surveillance: International Emerging Markets Analysis and Outlook, June 2007 (AB072)

June 2007 Download Executive Summary

Key Findings

  • Emerging markets (Developing nations) constitute the near to medium term addressable market for affordable airborne surveillance solutions

  • Company must be capable to offer affordable high technology, and reliable airborne solutions

  • A strong strategic partnership essential for market penetration

  • Dominant end user considerations will remain price/performance offer and the support quality that can be expected over the product life cycle

  • Market is just beginning to shape up and opportunities abound with a total market value expected to exceed $3.3 billion to 2016

  • Users will be very sensitive to offset benefits as well as the stability and strength of the partnership between integrators and OEMs


Price: $1,250.00   Quantity:  
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