Rotor & Wing Video Archive April 2010

Wednesday-Friday, April 28-30:
Rotor & Wing's Richard Whittle on the Daily Show

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Richard Whittle
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For related news: Dream Machine: Untold History of Notorious V-22 Osprey

Monday-Tuesday, April 26-27:
USCG Helicopter Hoist Training

For related news: HH-65C Crashes During Exercise

Friday, April 23:
JMRC Hohenfels Receives New Lakotas

For related news: Army Delivers 100th UH-72A

Wednesday-Thursday, April 21-22:
Columbian Military Helicopters Collide

For related news: Bell Wins OH-58D Mod Contract

Monday-Tuesday, April 19-20:
Helicopter Takes Footage of Volcanic Explosion

For related news: Suspension of Disbelief

Wednesday-Friday, April 14-16:
ADAC Eurocopter EC145 Lifts Off in Snow

For related news: EMS Pilot Tried to Beat Storm

Monday/Tuesday, April 12-13:
Air Force SAR Demo in Korea

For related news: Dream Machine

Thursday/Friday, April 8-9:
Helicopters Used as Traffic Go-Around in Brazil

For related news: Construction Starts on Helibras Site

Monday, April 5:
Helicopter Firefighting Ops Detailed in Video

For related news:
Nancy Lematta Takes Chairman's Helm

Thursday/Friday, April 1-2:
President Obama Reveals Offshore Drilling Plan

For related news:
The Extra Mile

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