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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heli-Union, SAAF Receive Eurocopter Simulators

Heli-Union’s new Dauphin N3/N3+ simulator is Level B qualified.

French operator Heli-Union has added a new Eurocopter Dauphin N3/N3+ full flight simulator (FFS) to its training center in Angouleme. The unit is qualified as a Level B full flight simulator (FFS) and a Level 2 flight training device. The simulator allows Heli-Union to provide various types of training, including ab initio, IFR, low-altitude navigation, mountainous flight, night vision goggle (NVG), offshore and SAR. 

Eurocopter has also delivered its first full-motion simulator to Africa. The Super Puma-designed simulator is also compatible with the South African Air Force (SAAF)’s Atlas Oryx. Col. Hardus Engelbrecht stated that having a simulator available at the SimAero training center would allow the SAAF “a much bigger bang for our limited buck” by eliminating the need to send crews to Europe for training.

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