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Thursday, August 27, 2015

FAA Closes Submission Period for R44 Training Contract

The submission period closes today for an FAA-initiated Robinson R44 helicopter flight-training contract. The agency on Aug. 12 submitted a request for offer seeking businesses to conduct its "Helicopter Indoctrination Course" along with its "newly developed prototype Helicopter IFR/VFR course" to aviation safety inspectors in the Fort Worth, Texas, region. Potential contractors are required to provide nine CFIs along with four to eight IFR-capable R44s. The seven-month contract will run roughly from Sept. 25, 2015, to April 29, 2016. The agency's request for offer can be found at: https://faaco.faa.gov/index.cfm/announcement/view/22056. Aviation safety inspectors specialize in operations or airworthiness. Those with the operations specialty may evaluate pilot applicants, flight training programs and air carrier operations according to established regulations.

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