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November 1, 2005
A hop in a friend's EC120 sold Indy racer Dario Franchitti on the business and personal benefits of helicopters. DARIO FRANCHITTI WAS SOLD ON HELICOPTERS during a house-hunting trip in Scotland several years ago. The house was 4-5 hr. away. But fellow racer Colin McRae offered him a ride in his Eurocopter EC120 and they were at the house within about an hour. Along the way, the Scottish-born driver of...
November 1, 2005
Real, Complete Definition of VFR ONE PROBLEM WITH DISCUSSING this subject is the FAA definition of VFR; it only talks of visibility and distance from clouds. This definition is sadly lacking. Let's look at what must lie behind a complete definition of visual flight rules. A good place to start is the airworthiness certification requirements for helicopters. The main portions of FAR Parts 27 and 29 are set...
March 1, 2004
With a year on the job, Eurocopter’s CEO is taking the company into a sea change aimed at improving customer service and the bottom line. An even dozen years after Eurocopter was formed, it is clear that things have now changed for the company. Gone is the emphasis on long-term industrial policy and architecture, gone is the stubborn determination to push the company’s key programs–Tiger...
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