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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rotorcraft Report: NASA Rotary Research Not Confirmed


Hold your horses — NASA does not have approval to spend $26.1 million on rotary wing research — at least not yet. Recent media reports quoted NASA aerospace engineer Odilyn Maria as saying the agency would spend this money on subsonic rotary wing projects in FY2010. These projects were supposed to develop and demonstrate an active rotor system that could change rotor speed in flight, according to industry reports.

However, according to NASA spokesperson Beth Dickey, "the president’s budget request for NASA in fiscal year 2010 is still under consideration by Congress." Translation: The money isn’t in the bank yet.

A check within the budget request, available online at www.nasa.gov/news/budget, confirms a $26.1 million request for subsonic rotary request. But, unless Congress okays the funding, it is a non-starter.

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