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Friday, June 27, 2014

Lightspeed Aviation Releases New ANR Aviation Headset

Source: Lightspeed Aviation

Lightspeed Aviation has launched Zulu PFX, its new ANR aviation headset. The headset is designed around Lightspeed's new proprietary Personal Flying Experience (PFX) technology, which allows the headset to adapt to its user and the cockpit environment, creating customized ANR responses and a personalized audio profile. This technology includes: 

  • Acoustic response mapping uses sound waves and advanced signal processing to measure the user's ear size and shape, adapting the audio response to each pilot's unique auditory landscape.
  • Streaming Quiet dynamic ANR uses external ambient microphones to continuously sample cockpit noise before it penetrates the ear cup. A powerful digital processor analyzes microphone inputs one million times a second, instantly creating customized ANR responses.
  • A variety of audio and other pilot preferences can be personalized using enhanced capabilities in FlightLink, the free, proprietary app developed by Lightspeed for the iPad and iPhone. 

Photo courtesy Lightspeed Aviaiton

When combined, these innovations increase the amount, consistency, and frequency range of noise cancellation, as well as improved voice clarity and music fidelity. 

Zulu PFX also includes other features such as the Kevlar core that delivers substantial improvements to flexibility and strength. Firmware can be upgraded through computers running Apple or Windows operating systems, providing easy access to new software innovations or other upgrades. Zulu PFX is offered in configurations to fit nearly any aircraft and will be available to ship by the end of September 2013. 

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