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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Extant Acquires L-3 AIM Products

Source: Extant Components Group Holdings

Extant Components Group Holdings, Inc. has completed the acquisition of the AIM line of standby instruments from L-3 Communications Avionics Systems. The AIM instrument product line will become part of Extant’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Symetrics Industries in Melbourne, Fla., where all future manufacturing, repair, spares, customer service, and related technical support for the products will be provided.

The AIM instrument product line includes the AIM 205 Directional Gyro, AIM 520 2” Attitude Gyro AIM 1100 3” Attitude Indicator and AIM 200 3” Attitude Gyro. The models offer a variety of features, lighting, power configurations, and tilt angles based on operator and platform requirements.

AIM instruments have been installed in a range of business and general aviation aircraft, with more than 25,000 AIM units being fielded since the products first entered the market in 1957. The products are designed for use in both fixed wing platforms and helicopters in light duty high cycle environments.

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