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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rotorcraft Report: AgustaWestland To Invest in Poland’s PZL Swidnik


AgustaWestland wants to partner with and invest in the Polish helicopter manufacturer PZL-Swidnik.

The Polish government for years has been weighing initiatives to privatize its aerospace industry, and the timetable and terms of any investment by AgustaWestland would be determined by the government. Because there is to be a tender process, the company would not respond to questions concerning its plans

AgustaWestland has been working with PZL Swidnik for 11 years. Cooperation between the two companies began when Swidnik began to manufacture AW109 Power fuselages. It also makes fuselages for the AW109 LUH, AW119 Ke, AW139, and the Grand. Swidnik employs more than 1,000 workers on AgustaWestland programs In June 2006, Swidnik delivered its 500th fuselage to AgustaWestland and to date has delivered more than 560 fuselages. The cooperative deal accounts for almost 25 percent of Swidnik’s annual revenues.

AgustaWestland said it is "very pleased" with the work Swidnik has been doing at the moment and the cooperation has been a great success.

Earlier this year, Sikorsky Aircraft bought the Polish manufacturer PZL Mielec.

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