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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bell Joins V-280 Wing and Fuselage

Amy Kluber

Bell Helicopter has joined the V-280 Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator wing and nacelles to the aircraft fuselage at its aircraft assembly center in Amarillo, Texas, the company said in a press release Wednesday. 

Bell's EVP of Military Business Development, Lisa Atheron, said the aircraft is on schedule for its first tethered flight in September 2017.

The V-280 Valor is a next-generation tiltrotor designed to provide agility, speed, range and payload capabilities at an affordable cost. The V-280's tiltrotor technology converts vertical takeoff and landing capability into a tactical, operational and strategic advantage. It has an anticipated cruise speed of 280 kt, with a 500- to 800-nm combat range and 11 to 14 operators.

The T64-GE-419 engines and gearboxes are expected to be installed in the nacelles in November.

Photo courtesy of Bell Helicopter


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