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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heli-Expo 08: Grand Owner Plans Record Attempt

AgustaWestland Grand owner Scott Kasprowicz plans to attempt a new speed record for an around-the-world helicopter flight. Kasparowicz in February set a record for a transcontinental U.S. flight from New York to Los Angeles. He plans to try the round-the-world flight in July in what he and the company describe as his "factory-standard, executive-configured," twin-engine Grand, which has the distinctive registration of N1US.  That aircraft has been dubbed The Grand Adventure. Kasprowicz and his co-pilot Steve Sheik plan to depart from New York and fly 19,865 nm eastbound in 14 days. To set the record, their aircraft must cross every meridian on the globe and is prohibited from traveling into the pole regions. For related news

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