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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Russian Helicopters Updates Mi-26T2 Status

The Mi-26T2 heavy-lift helicopter is now in serial production, according to Russian Helicopters. The Rostvertol unit, which has been producing the predecessor Mi-26 military helicopter and commercial Mi-26T since 1980, is manufacturing the -26T2. Rostvertol worked with the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Complex in developing the modernized version of the Mi-26T. Testing of the new design concluded in 2011, Russian Helicopters said, and the Mi-26T2 first flew on Feb. 17, 2011 and demonstrations to international customers began the next month. First orders were placed in 2013, the company said. The Mi-26T2's upgrades include a glass cockpit with five multi-function displays, an upgraded digital communications suite and onboard video displays to provide a clear view of the cargo on the external sling during the day. It also includes ground proximity warning and obstacle and collision warning systems. The improvements enabled a reduction of the crew complement from five to 2-3.

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