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Friday, August 21, 2015

Safety Concerns Amid Looming Pilot Strike

A recent BALPA-conducted survey reveals not only the likelihood of a pilot strike, but a “strong and worrying message” about safety among offshore helicopter transport operations in the North Sea region, the association said Aug. 20. In ballots collected by the British Airline Pilots’ Assn. over a four-day period and ending Aug. 18, pilots revealed their frustration with management over compulsory job losses due to the oil price downturn, and suggested improvements such as implementing more voluntary redundancy arrangements and taking pilot seniority into greater account. But more concerning was the message that worries over management practices and job security were resulting in increased pilot fatigue and inattention. As one pilot reported in the survey, “Radio calls are being missed.  Pilots’ heads are not in the cockpit.”
Photo courtesy of BALPA
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