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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rotorcraft Report: Queen Elizabeth Visits The Helicopter Museum


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip visited The Helicopter Museum in the United Kingdom’s Western-super-Mare, Somerset July 20.

After touring the museum and discussing various restoration projects underway, Prince Phillip unveiled a plaque to mark the opening of the museum’s new conservation and engineering hangar. The facility, in addition to providing room for three large helicopters, will be used for hands-on training of future helicopter mechanics in conjunction with the City of Bristol College and other training providers. The museum and its supporters raised funds for the 7,115-sq-ft (661-sq-m) facility. They also received a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund and industry sponsorship. Capt. Elfan Ap Rees (center above), chairman of the museum’s trustees, accompanied the royal couple on their visit.

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