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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Russian Mi-8/17 Receives Recognition from Operators

Source: Russian Helicopters

Russian-built Mi-8/17 helicopters received plaudits from experts during a round table on local and regional aviation in the Russian Far North in early July. Igor Koshin, head of the Nenets Autonomous Region, attended the event along with national aviation experts and representatives of equipment producers, operators and clients for aviation equipment.


Photo courtesy Russian Helicopters

Naryan-Mar United Air Detachment is one of the largest helicopter operators in North-West Russia, and runs flights between settlements in the Nenets Autonomous Region along a 1,200 km stretch of the Arctic Ocean. The company runs passenger and cargo services, and operates search-and-rescue and medevac missions as well as providing medical care to local people. It also operates flights to ships at sea and offshore drilling platforms, and provides aerial photography and pipeline monitoring services. To develop its fleet, Naryan-Mar United Air Detachment plans to acquire four new Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters produced by Russian Helicopters.

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