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Monday, July 27, 2009

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Death/Injury Remarks
June 01, 2009 Uddevalla, Sweden CESSNA 172H SE-GUP A/c owned by Uddevalla Flygklubb (Flying Club) and piloted by accident pilot, destroyed when impacted terrain under unknown circumstances at Uddevalla Rorkarr Airport (ESGU). One fatality Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at time of accident. Pilot fatally injured. Accident flight originated from ESGU.
June 01, 2009 Greenville, SC CIRRUS SR22 N695CD A/c operated by Satsair not damaged during flight control malfunction while on approach to Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU). No injuries As a/c returning to GMU on short final approach pilot reduced throttle to idle power for landing. Subsequently, about 25 feet AGL, nose pitched down. Pilot tried to pull back on yoke to flare, but elevator control stuck in mid-range position. A/c touched down on nose gear first and bounced back up into air. Sudden jolt of touchdown seemed to free elevator control and pilot able complete normal landing. As pilot taxied from runway, able to duplicate control jam.
June 02, 2009 Gallman, MS Rick Campbell Zenith-STOL CH801 N1399X A/c substantially damaged during impact with trees, after loss of engine power, during final approach at Copiah County Airport (M11) Crystal Springs, MS. Two fatalities Witness said a/c did "three crow hops" before taking off runway 17. Climbed and joined traffic pattern. When a/c began iturn on to final approach leg from left base leg of traffic pattern, engine heard to stop. A/c observed to turn towards W. Passed over top of pine trees and then impacted oak trees.
June 05, 2009 San Marcos, TX BELL 47G N8420E Pilot landing ag chopper at edge of large open bean field to pick up communications radios from ground crew. During landing approach under power lines pilot saw vehicle approaching. Pilot said raised a/c to allow vehicle to pass underneath. Tail rotor blades struck a wire at 20 feet AGL and a/c began to spin. Pilot lost control and a/c struck surface of bean field and rolled on side. One serious Pilot seriously injured and airlifted by HEMS helicopter to nearby hospital.
June 06, 2009 Knoxville, TN SMITH BRET B SEAREY N169GW A/c substantially damaged when impacted Melton Lake, near Knoxville. Two fatalities Pilot providing rides to those attending celebration on Melton Lake. Final moments of accident flight captured on video. Video showed a/c flying, about 200 -400 feet above boat, before proceeded away. A/c then entered steep bank, descended steeply, and impacted water.
June 10, 2009 Denver, CO BOEING 757-222 N570UA UAL flight 146, Boeing 757-222, experienced tailpipe fire in right engine during engine start at Denver International Airport. No injuries Underside of right wing scorched and black and discolored. A/c was operating as regularly scheduled passenger flight from Denver to Sacramento. A/c towed back into gate and passengers deplaned normally.
June 18, 2009 Naples, FL SCHWEIZER 269C-1 N9421K A/c operated by Ocean Helicopters substantially damaged during forced landing near Naples Municipal Airport (APF). Pilot received clearance to depart to SE, and initiated a hover of 5 -7 feet agl. Pilot then began takeoff, accelerating to 55 and 60 knots indicated airspeed with almost 29 inches of manifold pressure. Engine rpm was near bottom of green arc. Pilot lowered collective slightly to correct high manifold pressure reading and also to increase engine rpm, and although manifold pressure decreased, engine rpm did not increase. Increased throttle but there was very little response. Pilot began hearing intermittent beeping from low-rotor-rpm warning horn, and also reported One serious that sound from engine not typical, which felt sluggish. Notified tower intention to return and turned to left, while keeping collective in previously placed position. As came out of turn, applied full or nearly full throttle but at end of turn, heard low-rotor-rpm warning horn go to steady tone. A/c began descending at rapid rate and pilot started looking for landing spot. Aimed for unoccupied pool and closed throttle and lowered collective. Unable to land in pool and just prior to contact with wood trellis and small building near pool, pulled collective. Rescued by local fire rescue.
July 01, 2009 Burley, ID REPUBLIC RC-3 N87487 A/c substantially damaged when struck power lines during takeoff initial climb from Burley Municipal Airport (BYI). One serious Pilot said a/c over flew a set of trees and "started to settle as if a/c was within dead air." Subsequently, a/c struck set of power lines and impacted ground.
July 02, 2009 Breckenridge, CO BELL 206L-1 N38AZ A/c owned and operated by Mile High Helicopters substantially damaged after hard landing near Breckenridge. One serious A/c transporting external load when it began to rotate. Pilot released external load as a/c continued to rotate. Control of a/c not obtained prior to hard landing and subsequent roll-over. During roll-over sequence, person on ground injured.
July 02, 2009 Loris, SC EUROCOPTER AS 350 B2 53963 A/c operated by Omniflight Helicopters substantially damaged while landing at Loris Community Hospital Heliport (5SC5). No injuries Pilot initiated approach to 5SC5 to W into wind. As a/c approached helipad, clinicians said clear of obstructions. About 5 feet above helipad, a/c shuddered and vibrated. Pilot continued landing and performed emergency engine shutdown.
July 03, 2009 Weslaco, TX BEECH C35 N2043D A/c substantially damaged upon impact terrain during go-around at Mid-Valley Airport (T65). After departing KEBG, pilot reported that left-rolling tendency developed in a/c. Pilot said took some effort to keep wings level and a/c flying straight. Landing at T65 was planned and pilot flew a/c configured with gear and flaps to runway 13. On touchdown, left main gear contacted runway first and a/c bounced back into air. One fatality A/c began drifting left towards edge of runway, and pilot initiated a go-around. During the climb from the go-around, pilot had difficulty maintaining directional control of a/c and requested assistance from second pilot. Pilot reported that rudder was fully depressed. Pilot began left turn and a/c descended and impacted terrain.
July 03, 2009 Latimer, IA CESSNA 172 N8138B A/c substantially damaged when impacted terrain. Pilot's wife drove to airport. Observed a/c in rear-view mirror following her car at low altitude before suddenly descended nose first into ground. Nose landing gear found near set of power lines that crossed over roadway. One fatality Nose landing gear strut exhibited damage consistent with impact with power line. Main wreckage located about 200 feet past power lines along direction of flight.
July 03, 2009 Albuquerque, NM CESSNA 441 N988AE A/c owned and operated by Air Evac Services substantially damaged following intentional gear-up landing at Albuquerque International Sunport (KABQ). Flight was dispatched to pick up trauma patient in Socorro, NM. While en route, thunderstorms developed along intended route of flight, so pilot decided to return to KAEG. While on final approach, landing gear selected and landing gear circuit breaker popped. After one minute, pilot reset circuit breaker and again circuit breaker popped. After putting landing gear handle up, circuit breaker would remain reset until tlanding gear handle was selected down; the circuit breaker again popped. No injuries The pilot initiated "Emergency Landing Gear Would Not Extend Normally" checklist. After releasing nitrogen, crew heard nitrogen flow but landing gear did not extend. Pilot attempted to maneuver a/c in attempt to lower landing gear. Despite troubleshooting malfunction, gear confirmed in retracted position by another pilot utilizing night vision goggles during low approach at KAEG. Pilot elected to land gear up utilizing runway 03 at KABQ.
July 04, 2009 Tehachapi, CA AERO VODOCHODY L-29 N97869 A/c destroyed when impacted terrain while maneuvering near Tehachapi. Witnesses saw flight of three jet airplanes overflying area on westerly heading at altitude of 500 feet AGL. Accident airplane observed trailing low and to right of other two a/c, and slightly oscillating to left and right. Two fatalities Witnesses said three a/c initiated right turn to northerly heading and accident airplane made sharp right climbing turn to join up with other two a/c. Subsequently, accident a/c pitched upwards and rolled to left over other two a/c, transitioning from right side to left side. Witnesses said a/c completed roll in a nose low attitude and descended into terrain where a post-crash fire ensued.
July 05, 2009 Huntington, WV CESSNA 400 N207JB A/c crashed in wooded area in Huntington during instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from Tri-State Airport (HTS), Two fatalities Witness heard what sounded like single engine a/c flying low near his home. A few moments later, heard loud crash sound resembling metal hitting trees, immediately after, sound of flying a/c stopped. Witness heard no sound of engine failure or other obvious malfunctions prior to the cessation of engine noise.
July 05, 2009 South Lake Tahoe, CA CESSNA 150 N51172 A/c experienced loss of control during initial climb from Lake Tahoe Airport, Seconds after lifting off from R18, Cessna entered an uncontrolled descent and impacted terrain. According to witness, Cessna accelerated on runway's centerline, became airborne, and climbed 100 feet above runway. One fatality A/c was in unusually high nose up pitch attitude. No evidence of smoke was observed trailing from a/c which turned left and appeared to enter left spin as it rapidly descended from view. Witness also reported hearing accident pilot broadcast a "mayday" call seconds prior to crash.
July 07, 2009 Brinson, GA AIR TRACTOR AT301 8587S A/c operated by Ag-Flight substantially damaged during impact with terrain. One fatality Witnesses reported seeing accident airplane flying low, 700 feet above ground. Witnesses said pilot released water, pitched up, and then pitched down toward ground. Witnesses did not report hearing any change in engine noise.
July 08, 2009 Sanderson, FL NOLES VANCE L VANS RV7A N774US A/c collided with ground in vicinity of Sanderson. One fatality Witness was in his backyard and heard small airplane located to NE of home. Engine was at a very high rpm and sounded like it was under "a lot of strain." Engine noise lasted 3 seconds, and then there was complete silence, followed by impact sound.
July 08, 2009 Mammoth Lakes, CA CESSNA 182P N7314S A/ sustained substantial damage following impact with terrain while maneuvering at low altitude. Two fatalities Witness said a/c was flying very low on westerly heading over area, as though sightseeing, and that it didn't have enough altitude to clear the pass to the west.
July 09, 2009 Simila, CO NORTH AMERICAN SNJ-5 N212TC A/c destroyed following impact with terrain. Four witnesses observed a/c performing aerobatic maneuvers. One fatality They could not estimate how high the airplane was flying, but indicated it was too high to make out details on the a/c. Observed a/c pull up vertical and perform a wing over or roll type maneuver. A/c then entered a spin, which continued until a/c impacted ground.
July 10, 2009 Tarkio, MO ZIVKO AERONAUTICS INC EDGE 540 N26HB A/c destroyed when impacted ground near Gould Peterson Municipal Airport (K57). One fatality Practice flight for aerobatic performer scheduled to perform at airshow following day. A/c impacted ground during recovery from one aerobatic maneuver.
July 10, 2009 Fort Myers, FL AIRBUS A320-232 N606JB JetBlue a/c. as flight 133, encountered turbulence while on approach to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Two serious According to the captain, a/c was descending through 12,000 feet and went through a small cloud (top approximately 14,000 feet). A/c was jolted, a/c dropped about 20 feet instantaneously.
July 13, 2009 Whitehorse, Canada MAULE M-5 235C N9138E Float-equipped Maul nosed over and partially sank while landing on Kluane Lake, about 127 miles NW of Whitehorse, Yukon. One fatality, one serious A/c being operated as visual flight rules (VFR) cross-country personal flight when accident occurred. Of two people aboard, pilot sustained serious injuries and tone passenger sustained fatal injuries.
July 14, 2009 Yellow Pine, ID CESSNA U206G N71BS A/c collided with trees just after taking off from Simonds Airstrip. One serious Pilot said shortly after a/c became airborne at 900 foot long dirt airstrip, sudden nose-down pressure developed in control yoke. Although pilot added back-pressure, a/c began impacting trees off departure end of runway, and fell to the ground after impacting fourth tree.
July 19, 2009 Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan Mi-8 Civilians working under contract to Western forces killed when their chopper plunged to ground just after takeoff from NATO's main base in southern Afghanistan. 16 fatalities Second deadly crash in less than a week involving a Russian-made helicopter operated by a civilian contractor.

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