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Monday, February 11, 2008

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Death/Injury Remarks
29 Oct 1358L Santa Ana ( John Wayne Airport - SNA) California Raytheon Corporate Jets Hawker Reg: N800CC Upon the 3rd take-off attempt, using 3 mins and 9 mins elapsed intervals, the left maingear overheated and tire blew. Hydraulic line was severed when the tire blew and hydraulic fluid leaked out onto the hot brake surface and ignited. All of the wheel's fusible plugs were blown. Aircraft suffered extensive physical and fire damage. nil Flight Manual states a required waiting period from completion of taxi-in following a rejected takeoff from a speed of 90 knots indicated airspeed or less, to before start of taxi-out for takeoff. After a single rejected takeoff, a waiting period of 25 minutes is required. After two or more successive rejected takeoffs, a waiting period of 45 minutes is required. Values were disregarded.
27 Dec day VMC Teterboro, New Jersey Hawker 25 of East Coast Jets (ECJ) flight 81, Reg: N818MV, and N90AM, a G5 ECJ 81 had landed on runway 6 and was advised by the local controller after landing to "turn left at taxiway bravo if able, cross [runway] one contact ground". Ground controller (U/T) requested approval from the tower local controller to taxi ECJ81 across runway 1 at taxiway B. The local controller approved the request, however, nil ... soon after, the local controller, who was responsible for 2 aircraft and had 2 previous operational errors with some similarities, cleared N90AM for takeoff as ECJ81 was crossing the runway. He then advised the GC to have N90AM "expedite", once advised of the conflict. Miss distance was around 4000ft.
09 Jan 0749L Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), Detroit, Michigan A319-114 of NWA Reg: N349NB Flight: NW853 Accident flight was the first one for the airplane since having maintenance performed on the number 2 engine the previous evening. Half of the number two engine fan cowling separated from the airplane when it was approximately one mile from landing at DTW. Nil/68 passengers/ 5 crew The other half separated when the airplane was touching down. The separated cowling contacted the right side of the horizontal stabilizer which resulted in substantial damage to the stabilizer.
26 Jan ~2000L Ketchikan Alaska 737 of Alaskan Flight: AS64 For the second time in a week, an Alaska Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing at Ketchikan International. Flight 64 made an emergency landing Saturday night. nil Pilot declared a mechanical emergency after departing Wrangell. Flight 64 originates in Anchorage and flies to Seattle with stops in Juneau, Petersburg, Wrangell and Ketchikan.
28 Jan ~2130L St Petersburg Florida A320-300 of USA 3000 airlines Aircraft made an emergency landing at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport due to an unspecified technical problem nil Chicago to Sarasota, Florida
28 Jan 1340L Portugal F16 of Portuguese Air Force Crash-landed at 13:40 GMT close to Monte Real Air Base, near Leiria, a city 67 km north of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. 1 ejectee Monte Real base has 27 F-16 fighter planes. The base's 201 squadron received its first planes in 1994 and began operating in November 2005.
29 Jan day Phoenix Sky Harbor International A/P 737 of SWA Flight: 1512 Landed with a cockpit warning of an onboard fire (later proven to be a recurring false alarm). Nil/72 pax Extinguishers deployed as they are supposed to when the light goes on. The plane was inspected, maintained and the extinguishers were replaced.
29 Jan night The Azores TU154 of the Bulgarian President Damage sustained to the landing gear on takeoff at Lajes Airport prevented gear-doors from closing so aircraft had to burn off gas and re- land. nil Azores outbound for an official visit to Mexico by Pres Parvanov and a delegation. Visit to Mexico cancelled and Pres returned Bulgaria by Bulgarian Airlines
29 Jan ~1925L Springfield Illinois CRJ of Delta Connection #2 engine failed about 20 miles short of Springfield's Capital Airport while en route from Minneapolis to Atlanta Georgia. Nil/62 pax + 4 crew onboard Primary crash and fire rescue support is from the Illinois Air National Guard 183rd Fighter Wing Fire Department, which is based on the airport's property.
29 Jan 1315L Manchester UK A300 of Monarch Burst a main-gear tire on landing (tyre no2, left bogie, front right hand side. Went as aircraft crossed the cat 11/111 stop bars) nil Empty flight from Brussels caused a few diversions to Liverpool
29 Jan 0150L El Paso Texas 757-200 of American Made emergency landing at El Paso International Airport overnight after an electrical problem was reported on board by the pilot, Nil/104 passengers Los Angeles to Miami flight
30 Jan ~midnight Charlotte North Carolina Learjet Learjet taxied into a baggage truck at Charlotte-Douglas Int'l Airport nil Details are scant and damage is believed minor
30 Jan 2037L Winnipeg Canada 737 of WestJet Flight: 158 Pilot declared an emergency for loss of oil pressure in #2 (RH) and diverted Nil/106 onboard Bound Calgary to Toronto Canada, the 737 landed at 2045L
30 Jan 0805L Sugapa Airport, Paniai regency, West Papua, Indonesia de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter of PT Aviastar Mandiri DHC6-300 skidded off the left side of the runway and hit a group of people waiting nearby, killing one and injuring two others. The aircraft ended up in a ditch, substantially damaged. 1 dead, 2 injured on ground & one injured /15 pax onboard Arriving from Enarotali Airport (EWI/WABT), Indonesia. Officers from the National Commission on Transportation Safety (KNKT) in Jakarta will investigate.
30 Jan 2215L Grand Junction Regional Airport Colorado Boeing 757-200
American Airlines Flight 119
Passengers said there was "haze" in the plane accompanied by a "a bad smell." Prior to its emergency landing at Grand Junction Regional Airport without incident at about 10:15 p.m. Nil/103 passengers onboard Newark New Jersey to Los Angeles California flight diverted into Walker Field. Fire officials used thermal imaging equipment to try to find the source of the problem, and later said the haze and smell "came from a small fire in the back of the plane".
31 Jan Korean DMZ Searcher UAV Pilotless South Korean spy aircraft crashed Thursday near the border with North Korea. Drone can remain airborne for up to 14 hours at its maximum altitude of 4.5 kilometers 1 downed drone Near a factory in Pocheon, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of the Demilitarized Zone separating the two Koreas, shortly after it took off for a regular surveillance mission.
31 Jan ~1938L West Palm Beach Florida 757-200 of American Flight: AA1738 Aircraft #624 See: tinyurl.com/27dtss and yvu256 Pax smelt burning plastic and then cabin went dark as crew secured non-essential electrical busses. Pilot's inner windshield pane shattered after an apparent electrical surge. The co-pilot suffered cuts on his hand when the cockpit window shattered. Images at tinyurl.com/29z3qh & 23qf2r 7 hospitalized/139 passengers & 7 crew San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Philadelphia. Heating mechanism between two panes of tempered glass in a cockpit window apparently caused smoke in the cockpit about two hours after the Boeing 757 departed from San Juan. Flight 1738 left Puerto Rico at 5:40 p.m. Wednesday.
31 Jan ~0230L Frankfurt Germany 777-300ER of Singapore Airlines Flight: SQ334 RH GE-90 engine failed noisily en route and pilot diverted into Frankfurt on the remaining one, landing around 0630L. nil Changi to Paris (Roissy - aka Charles de Gaulle A/P). Air France is having a bad run with its GE90 engines on the 777.
31 Jan London Gatwick UK 767 of Excel Airways Reg: G-VKNG G-VKNG tail-scraped on takeoff to (Orlando Sanford Florida) SFB, and returned for an emergency landing nil Flown by a TRE (Type Rating Examiner).Aircraft returned to service a day later.
31 Jan Hilo, Hawaii 717-200 of Hawaiian Airlines For the second time in two months, a Hawaiian Airlines flight from the Big Island to Honolulu had to turn back after one of its engines failed. Problem Monday was caused by the failure of a turbine blade. Passengers heard a loud explosion soon after takeoff and the plane returned to Kona. nil 717 interisland fleet was put into service more than seven years ago. Dud blades were the problem that forced a Hawaiian flight to return to Hilo on Nov. 30 after an engine failed. First engine failure, in 2001, was caused by a bearing problem that made the engine overheat, and was not related to a turbine-blade failure.
01 Feb day Tel Aviv Airport Israel ATR42-300 of Israir Near collision with a Turkish Airliner at Ben Gurion International Airport. Event orchestrated by ATC following a late go-round due to conflicting traffic. Israir training flight had 4 pilots onboard and received TCAS alert during go-round. Nil/170 passengers A similar incident occurred last year, when El-Al and an Iberia Airlines planes came dangerously close to each other when approaching to land. That incident was determined as pilot error on Iberia's part.
01 Feb ~1445L Florida North American NA-265 Sabreliner Reg: N3RP The bizjet was taxing out of a hangar on the World Jet ramp at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport when its wing clipped a propeller on a parked Cessna 208 of Bimini Island Air. It's not known whether the two bizjet pilots are claiming a Ripleys B.I.O.N. record due to, .... nil ... at some point, the jet hitting another aircraft that was being tugged and then a third aircraft that was parked on a ramp. 1977 build Sabreliner is registered to Qualint LLC. in Wesley Chapel, north of Tampa, Florida.
01 Feb ~1240L West Bengal India MiG27 of Indian Airforce Fighter crashed near Hashimira Air Base in West Bengal`s Jalpaiguri district. Crash site was near Chinchula tea gardens. HQ IAF cite "a technical snag." 1 ejectee + 1 injured on ground First IAF crash of a MiG27 in ten years, it having a much better record than earlier MiGs such as the MiG21
01 Feb day Southern Russia L-39 Jet Trainer of the Russian Air Force Suffered engine failure in the Krasnodar Region. Pilot ejected over safe terrain after two unsuccessful attempts to relight. Second crash this week involving a two-seater. On 28 Jan an L-39 of the Krasnodar Higher Air Force School crash landed in the Volgograd Region in the south leaving the pilot dead and the trainee pilot injured. 1 ejectee Following the latest incident, the L-39 fleet has been grounded and a probe launched. Czech-made L-39 Albatross was the initial and advanced jet trainer for the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries. September 2006, another L-39 crashed in the Krasnodar Region, killing the pilot, while the trainee pilot managed to eject.
01 Feb 1130L Mt Airy North Carolina (KMWK) Beechcraft C90A King Air of Blue Sky Airways Reg: N57WR Crashed in residential area Friday as it tried to land in low-lying fog at the Mount Airy/Surry County Airport. Debris was largely confined to a small area between two homes. Imagery at: tinyurl.com/2jhnyd and 2srug4 6 dead/6 onboard Departure airport was Polk County (Cornelius Moore Field) aka Cedartown Airport, Georgia (headed for KMWK). Witness said it "missed" on its first approach, and may have been trying to circle back for another attempt.
01 Feb 1740L Augusta State Airport, (AUG/KAUG) Maine Cessna 525 Reg: N102PT Bound for Lincoln Municipal, Nebraska, Citation CJ1 crashed in a rural area of West Gardiner just after taking off from the Augusta State Airport at around 5:40 p.m. -Plane took off as a winter storm with a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain moved across the area. Plane was registered to Jeannette Symons of San Francisco 2 dead/2 onboard Pilot declared an emergency (apparently after an attitude indication failed), to a controller at the Portland, Maine, Jetport about 5 minutes after taking off, at an altitude of 3,000 feet, ascending to 10,000 feet. Weather reported at Augusta at 17:53 local time was light freezing rain and fog with a temperature of -6 deg C. Crash map at tinyurl.com/ytro9h
02 Feb 2115L Edinburgh, (EDI) Scotland Fokker F27 freighter of Neptune Airways Coventry-based freight airliner was being tugged out with engines running during early morning hours for a flight to Coventry. After disconnecting from the tug, the aircraft rolled forward and the RH props struck the tug. No-one was injured but one person was treated for shock Stbd engine dropped from its mounts and hung down by about 30 degrees. Recalls accident at EDI stand 5A many years ago....a mobile GPU (Servisair?) accidentally reversed into the running starboard prop of an Air UK F27 and the driver was decapitated.
02 Feb 1035L Bolivia, South America 727-259 of LAB Reg: CP-2429 (being flown as a charter for Transporte Aereo Militar) Crash-landed Saturday in a flooded timberland outside the eastern city of Trinidad. Survivors said the Boeing 727 lost power. It had been turned away from its destination, the northern city of Cobija, because of a fierce storm, but, 370mls away, Trinidad weather also turned sour and the aircraft went down in sodden brushland 10kms short - after 2 missed approaches. Airport in La Paz is 13,300 ft ASL so T/O weight is obviously of primary concern. Investigation will focus on the full load of passengers and the departure airport's elevation with respect to fuel requirements for the flight 2 serious & many minor injuries/151 passengers + 8 crew Charter jet flown by airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano took off from the Bolivian capital, La Paz. Crash imagery at tinyurl.com/3x2zxk and 37c8pk Plus tinyurl.com/2638ae LAB flights have been suspended for nearly a year due to the airline's debts and legal troubles. The privatized company began offering charter flights in December while it worked toward renewing its scheduled commercial operator's license. Map locale of crash: tinyurl.com/ythur3
02 Feb 1830L Oslo Norway 737-800 of KLM Reg: PH-BXU Aircraft put some wheels off the runway side on landing Gardermoen in very bad weather and got towed into the terminus nil/170 onboard arriving from Amsterdam. Image: tinyurl.com/3ddcmc and tinyurl.com/3d8r7h
02 Feb Hawaii (60 miles south of Honolulu.) F-15 of the Hawaii Air National Guard image of helo hoist rescue of pilot:: tinyurl.com/3bsal2 A Coast Guard helicopter plucked a pilot from the ocean after his ejection. HANG's F-15 jets, built between 1974 and 1978, were acquired in 1987 and had never before experienced a crash. Crash comes just a few weeks after the Hawaii Air National Guard, which uses the fighter jets to patrol island airspace, resumed flying the jet. 1 ejectee Rescued Loss was the fifth crash of an F-15 since May 2007 The Guard returned 13 of its 20 planes to the air on Jan. 9. The remaining seven were still grounded and were undergoing inspections by engineers. Fleet's grounding came after a model broke in two during a training flight over Missouri, injuring the pilot. An investigation concluded that a defective aluminum beam in the frame cracked.
02 Feb 1348L Singapore 777-200 of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 802 returned Changi A/P after a sudden depressurization at 36,000ft nil/232 pax and crew Enroute to Beijing. During the rapid 6-minute descent to 10,000ft, cabin oxygen masks were deployed.
02 Feb Northern Pacific Ocean hot-air balloon USCG has begun search operations for a Japanese balloonist who was attempting to fly a hot air balloon between Japan and Oregon. Michio Kanda took off on 01 Feb from Japan on a solo flight. He had been making Sat-Phone calls every 2 hours with his base to update them with his progress...then he stopped. 1 missing The search is being conducted about 430 miles south of Adak Island, Alaska. Two C-130's and the USCG cutter Rush are involved in the search. Turns out the missing balloon is the largest hot air balloon in the world, and the 2nd largest ever built. It is described as 150' wide and 15 stories tall.
03 Feb night Chennai India A320 of Indigo Airlines Flight made an emergency landing in Chennai following a bird-hit soon after it took off on Friday night. Nil/114 passengers Airport sources said that the pilot of the Delhi-bound flight made the emergency landing as a precautionary measure. The flight was cancelled and the airline has refunded all fares.

1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries, investigated by aviation safety agencies of various nations.

2 DISCLAIMER: Assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation.

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