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Monday, December 20, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

29 Nov. 2225L Cleveland, Ohio ERJ-135 of Continental Parked N962CW tailcone was hit by the taxiing N995CW's right wing. Nil / 6 o/b Substantial damage to both Embraers EMB-135BJ at Cleveland Hopkins.
01 Dec. 1631L Heathrow, UK A320-232 of British Midland Flt BD181 engine caught fire during its early take-off run on runway 09R. Nil / 53 pax +5 crew (Bound Paris) G-MIDY engine fire was quickly extinguished by ARFF.
01 Dec. Manchester UK 747 of Virgin Atlantic A/c lost a wing panel over Northern Wales & returned to Manchester. Nil No further details.
02 Dec 1650L Philadelphia Pa CRJ200 of Mesa Airlines N801MD (Flt 1666) was parked at the gate when the APU caught fire. Nil / 2 o/b Unknown damage.
02 Dec. Hamburg Intl Ger CRJ-100 of Lufthansa Regnl Returned Hamburg 30 mins after departure with an engine problem. Nil No further details.
03 Dec. 0310L Chennai Intl., India 777-2Z9ER of Austrian Airlines OE-LPB made precautionary ldg at 4am (RH eng indications out of limits). Nil / 300 pax Spare engine flown in on an Antonov 22.
05 Dec. 1400L Anchorage, Alaska 747SR-146B SF of Nippon Cargo Rapid decompression due to rupture of pressure bulkhead (in E&E bay). Nil / 3 o/b Rt side pressure bulkhead in NLG well ruptured out along rivet line (JA8158).
05 Dec. 1745L Pine Bluff, Ariz. Falcon 20 of Inld Packaging Inc N82TN skidded off the departure end 18 landing in rain, mist, low overcast Nil Substantial damage (arr fm Austin Texas). Crew forgot to deploy dragbag
06 Dec. 2319L Bangor, Maine DC-10-30F of World Awys Fire broke out on #2 when N304WL landed and deployed thrust reversers. Nil Flames cause structural damage to the tail before firemen extinguished blaze.
06 Dec. 1723L Hailey, Indiana C208 Caravan of Spirit Air N25SA destroyed during RNAV appch r/way 31 Friedman Memorial A/P. 3 fatal / 3 o/b Crashed and burnt approx 3NM south of the airport (in mist and snow). ICE.
07 Dec. 2318L Birmingham, Al. 737-724 of Continental N13750 clipped a generator bldg with its left wing while taxiing to the gate. Nil Minor damage.
08 Dec. 0540L LaGuardia A/P NY 757 of Delta Flt: DAL1021 A/c encountered sudden turbulence on descent into La Guardia airport. 2inj 2 F/A's hospitalized.
09 Dec. 0600L Atlanta Intl., Ga. 727-2M7F of DHL Worldwide Right MLG collapsed landing 08L at Hartsfield-Jackson closing one runway Nil/3 o/b DHL495 out of Cincinnati (N750DH Operated for DHL by Astar Air Cargo)
09 Dec. 0200Z Tulsa, Oklahoma Beech 200 Reg: N6PE Engines quit on final and a/c crashed 3NM north of Tulsa International 1 inj / 1 o/b A/c destroyed (had deptd La Crosse Wisconsin for Tulsa). Ran outa gas.
10 Dec. 1250CST Bay View, Texas Beech 200 of Charter 1 N648KA pilot claimed L eng failed on lift-off - crashed into trees & burnt out Nil / 6 o/b 3500ft long grass runway 23 - wind 010/16kts (= tailwind)
10 Dec. 2140L Baton Rouge, La. EMB-145 of Contl Express Lost directional control during night landing and veered off into the mud. Nil / 48 o/b Minor damage (arriving from Houston, Texas)
10 Dec. 1110L El Junquito Venez Skytruck of the Venezuela Guard National Guard Anatov M28 crashed into a mountain 20km NW of Caracas 16 fatal / 16 o/b Deptd Puerto Ayacucho for La Carlota Caracas). Similar event on 21 Aug 04.
11 Dec. afternoon Goa, India A330-200 of Emirates Divtd into Dabolim A/P Goa -cargo fire alarm 90mins after dept Kochi AP Nil / 276 o/b EK531 later deptd Goa for Mumbai at 1503L (after a 3 hour check-out).
11 Dec. 0530L Uberaba, Brazil Emb-110 of NHR Taxi-Aero Early morning mail flt for TOTAL Linhas Aereas crashed on approach 2 fatal / 2 o/b One also killed on ground in a house. (deptd Sao Paulo- Guarulhos Intl A/P)
12 Dec. Guiyang A/P China 737-800 of Air China CA4350 Left wing hit a 10m steel power pole on appch after diverting fm Jiangbei A/P Nil / 132 o/b Diversion due to bad weather. Severe dmg & left wing essentially destroyed.
13 Dec. Sydney, Australia 11 a/c of Virgin Blue & Qantas 8 Qantas and 3 Virgin Blue jets were damaged by a wild hailstorm Nil Most east coast services were knocked out by the domino effect.
13 Dec. Mumbai Intl A/P India 737-700 of Jet Airways Flt: 9W-111 to Nagpur A group of State Ministers kicked open the cockpit door on taxi & dragged out the captain after complaints of heat-levels (an aircon pack was inoperative) Nil Another minister opened the cabin door whilst the a/c was on an active taxiway. Pilot was later charged with attempted suffocation.
14 Dec. Des Moines, Iowa A320 of NWA Detroit-Denver flt diverted due to smoke warning in rear cargo hold. Nil / 151 o/b Burnt-out fan motor. Pax complained of eye, nose & throat irritation.
14 Dec. Monterrey, Mexico Aero Commander A/c crashed in an industrial zone shortly after take-off. 5 fatal / 5 o/b Enroute to a Texas destination from General Mariano Escobedo Intl A/P
14 Dec. 1900L Newark, N.J. 777 of Continental A fake bomb got lost during a drill and was carried on to Amsterdam on Flt 70 Nil Bomb was made up of fake Semtex, a detonator, wiring and a clock.
14 Dec. 1330L Roseland, Indiana Pilatus PC-12 Reg: N922RG Made forced landing on a main road in a commercial area after eng failed.
Knocked over a pole with right wingtip and spilled some 400 gals gas.
16 Dec. 0755L Indore, India 737-700 of Jet Airways Flt: 382 Ingested a 2.5kg eagle just prior to rotate and the t/off was aborted. Nil Flt canceled and pax made their departure for Mumbai at 1500L.
16 Dec. evening Mumbai, India Many flights (delayed arrivals and departures) The runway 27 localizer antenna was stolen by thieves, disrupting flt ops in marginal prevailing weather.
Stolen Tuesday. Enforced use of r/way 09 delayed flts by up to an hr. Police are attempting to localize the localizer.
16 Dec. Atlanta, Ga. 777 of Continental Houston-Gatwick flt 4 diverted into Atlanta to eject an unruly pax. Nil A drunk had become combative. N74007 deptd 1100L, arrived 2hrs late
16 Dec. 0630L Arlanda, Sweden 737-683 of SAS Flt: SK-103 SE-DNT was blown off the icy taxiway and got stuck in the mud.
Lost its nose-gear. Bound for Malmo -Sturrup Sweden
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries, investigated by National Transportation Safety Boards. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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