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Monday, October 11, 2004

Accidents and Incidents


31 Aug. Moncton New Brunswick, Canada 727-233 of Morningstar Air Express MAL8062 hydroplaned off the edge of runway 29 on landing coming to rest with gear on grass and nose on r/way. Nil Recovered poise & followed thru its pirouette with a taxi to the tarmac area (operational hazard-check your tread).
09 Sept. 0650L Villahermosa A/P Mexico CT-39a Sabreliner Reg: XA-TFD Cargo flt crashed and broke up at 3kms finals whilst on approach to Villahermosa A/P. 2 dead / 2 o/b Operator was Jett Paqueteria. These are elderly 2-eng bizjets with some unique aging characteristics.
12 Sept. Toronto, Ontario 747-400 of Air Canada ACA857 C-GAGL decl'd emerg when outboard flaps failed to extend on approach. Nil Failed on 5 & 10 deg selection. Raised stakes to a 20 deg selection and got a result.
13 Sept. 2050Z Toronto, Canada Fokker 100 of Jetsgo JGO146 reptd gear problem and re-landed after receiving a gear "unsafe." Nil Doors were remaining open due to a test valve left in "Ground Only" mode.
14 Sep Hamilton Ontario 727 of CargoJet CJT573 re-landed runway 12 after 10 mins of dumping (flt control issue). Nil Flap disagreement/asymmetry trip.
16 Sept. 1735Z Vancouver, British Columbia 737 of WestJet Flt WJA125 & a Kelowna Beech C-GKFX (Beech 60) and 737 played tag after a false TCAS RA caused 737 avoiding action to generate a real one. Nil Separation never got below 600ft vert and one nm horiz - due to interim oral inputs from the ATC controller- hmm.
27 Sept. 2245L Boston, Mass. 727 of Astra Air Cargo N748DH DHL149 was struck by a van whilst parked on the ramp for unloading. Nil Damage to left aileron and wingtip.
27 Sept. Zanzibar A/P Tanzania 767-300 of EXEL (Belgium) A/c seriously damaged by overnight pavement works (uncured bitumen had not dried by time a/c landed). Nil EXEL Brussels to Zanzibar service suspended. A/c ferried to Amsterdam for ongoing major repair-work.
28 Sept. 2206Z Santa Rosa, Calif. Bell 222 of Calif. Shock Trauma Bell 222U, reg N222UT, landed hard during its hover taxi out. Nil/3 o/b Substantial damage to this aeromedevac helo.
28 Sept. Las Cruces, Calif. AS350B3 of Enchantment Av N497AE lost tail-rotor during hover-taxi and crashed on its side on pad. 1 minor Air ambulance at Las Cruces Medical Center - was destroyed.
28 Sept. 0538Z Hamilton, Ontario 727-225 of CargoJet CJT620 dumped fuel and re-landed after a hydraulic problem on t/off. Nil Hyd fluid found soaking dept taxiway Charlie to the South of runway 06.
29 Sept. 1025Z Decatur, Illinois C208B Caravan of Lucas Air Fell into large hole on closed r/way 18/36 whilst taxiing for departure. Nil N276PM commuter taxi was substantially damaged.
30 Sept. 2120L Heathrow UK 747 of Asiana Flt: 552 Noisy "son et lumiere" engine surge on take-off followed by dump and return. Nil Crew shut down engine and dumped fuel to return to Heathrow.
01 Oct. 0514Z Atyrau Kazakhstan 757-200 Astana (757 has no fuel dump ability) A/c carrying load of expats eventually landed back after right engine ingested many birds (after 2.7hr fuel burn-off). Nil / 158 pax + 11 crew Hit large flock of seagulls & right eng swallowed lots. Overweight landing with a failed engine more prudent?
01 Oct. Lobito Angola Citation Jet of MRI Lost a nosewheel on landing r'way 16 & ran off the side, short of the railway. Nil Medical Rescue International (possibly ZS-TMG Cessna 501)
03 Oct. 1624L Midland Intl. Texas C-60 Lockheed Lodestar (1943 vintage transport) American Airpower Heritage a/c crew lost directional control on take-off on r/way 34 and crashed midfield. 2 minor injuries / 5 o/b CAF a/c departing airshow venue for Boulder, Colorado. Major fire damage to engines and tail (350gals AVGAS).
04 Oct. 0006Z Austin, Texas PA-60 Aerostar Reg: N70466 Landed hard & a pax fell out. A/c then hit powerline & then trees on go-round. 2 minor injuries Substantial dmg. Keep working on that landing flare technique, Joe (if any).
04 Oct. Narita, Tokyo A330 of Northwest Airlines Flight NW028 re-landed after experiencing engine trouble. Nil / 210 o/b San Francisco bound. Gear caught fire due to braking but was extinguished.
04 Oct 1934L Tullamarine Vic 737-3M8 of Freedom Air Pilot became dazzled by temp works lighting & bogged a/c at taxiway edge. Nil / ~108 o/b ZK-FDM (Flt SJ324) bound Hamilton on North Island of New Zealand
04 Oct. 1055L Manchester UK 747-400 of SIA Flt: SQ26 Frankfurt-JFK flight diverted into Manchester 24R due to a bomb hoax. Nil / 293 pax + 19 crew 4th flight to be bomb-hoax diverted in the previous 9 days.
04 Oct. Corfu A300-600 of Olympic Awys London-bound flt OA265 diverted into Corfu because of a bomb hoax. Nil Olympic hoaxes being tied to recent Greek govt plans to sell off Olympic.
05 Oct. 1200Z Cyprus (Larnaca) 747-400 of Lufthansa Israeli fighters forced a/c to land Cyprus after receiving bomb threat. Nil / ~300 o/b LH686 was the 6th inflight diversion in a week due to a bomb scare hoax.
05 Oct Heglig Sudan (was out of El Obeid headed for Juba) An12 of Sariya Last reptd 60nm out inbound to Heglig with 4 engines failed and on fire during its emergency diversion to Heglig. 7th Sariya crash 5 dead Wreckage 39nms out. A Sariya An12 exploded on finals to r'way 08 at Wau in early 2004 killing all onboard (tales of Wau?). Freighter co. ops are now suspended.
07 Oct. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia A330 of MAS Police investigating 3rd MAS case in 12 months of electrical wiring sabotage. Nil Wires cut beneath panel below pilot's seat (located after a malfunction).
1 Air carrier accidents or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).


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