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Monday, April 25, 2005

Accidents and Incidents

30 March 0750L Dade-Collier A/P, Fla. SA227-AC Reg: N811BC Impacted a deer on landing with LH prop while in reverse at about 50kts Nil / 2 o/b Ex Miami Intl on training sortie. Substantial damage. Prop hit fuselage
03 April Lajes, Portugal L-1011-500 of Yes Air LA CS-TMX landed at this Azores airfield after an engine failed in the cruise Nil Prior eng failure was on Feb. 26 after birdstrike ex Holguin Cuba
04 April 1925Z Lake Havasu City Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Gear collapsed on landing back at Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Nil / 3 o/b Substantial damage to N637SC Departing for Las Vegas
05 April (TBC) Sheremetyevo-1 Russia TU204 of KMV Avia, Flt: 3062 Aircraft (a/c) encountered a loss of control situation enroute and apparently injuring passengers Unk injured Details scanty. Flight had departed Sharm-el-Sheikh for Moscow
07 April 0955L Coca, Ecuador F28-4000 of Icaro, Flt: X8-504 Collapsed LH gear on runway lip on landing & fuselage crashed into a bldg. Nil / 65 o/b Quito, Ecuador, to Coca, Ecuador HC-CDA written off
08 April Porto Santo 757-200 of Monarch Inflight engine shutdown caused a diversion into Porto Santo, Portugal Nil / 235 o/b Flt 558 (Gatwick to Tenerife). Shutdown was due to oil loss.
08 April Great Falls, Mont. HS125-700A Reg: C-GAAA Crew felt a thud on departure and after landing discovered eng damage Nil Great Falls, Mont., to Mesa, Arizona Possible foreign object damage (FOD)
09 April 0912Z Chicago, Ill. 737 of UA Reg: N304UA Reported a birdstrike to the radome and landed without incident Nil No further details
09 April Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas MD-83 of AA Flt: AA1379 34,000ft approaching descent pt both packs to zero flow & a/c depressurized Nil Enrt from Washington (Reagan). Pax masks dropped. Still troubleshooting
10 April 1300Z Destin, Fla. Learjet 45 Reg: N410FX Aircraft reported an inflight engine fire then landed safely at Destin, Fla. Nil / 3 o/b Owner: Oilfield Aviation-L60 Ltd
10 Apr early morn Dubai, UAE A340-300 of Emirates Flt EK087 was recalled to Dubai after reports of smoke in the cabin Nil Attrib to 800 kilos of fish packed in dry ice in hold (bound for Zurich)
12 April 1500Z Ceiba, PR Cessna 208B Reg: N1241X Enrt San Juan PR, eng failed. Landed OK on a road at Ceiba, Puerto Rico Nil / 4 o/b MN Aviation. NTSB says a/c landed Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station
12 April 1200L Patuxent River NAS enrt to 29 Palms, Calif. KC130T of USN (Test & Trials Sqdn VX-20) Two 20-man life rafts emerged from port wing compartment in flight and wrapped around port horizontal stabilizer causing total loss of control 4 inj / 11 o/b Miraculously recovered after enduring extreme flight parameters way beyond the Hercules refueller's flight envelope. Landed Huntington, W.Va.
14 Apr ~1030L Virgin Gorda, BVI Beech 18 of Tol Air, Reg: N749T Left main gear collapsed on landing in stiff crosswind on this 3,160 ft strip Nil Tol Air operates Cessna 402, CV240, DC3 and Beech 18 aircraft
14 April 1240L Karachi, Pakistan 747-300 of PIA Flt: PK-757 #1 eng stalled following birdstrike on departure Lahore. A/c landed Karachi Nil / 420 pax Pax placed on another flight to London
14 April 1915L Makassar, Indon. 737 of Merpati Skidded off runway on landing in rain in this South Sulawesi Province 22 inj / 55 o/b 10 hospitalized. Undercarriage folded and airport closed. Arr fm Biak Papua
15 April Gatwick, UK 747-400 of Virgin Atlantic Flight VS26 turned back 3 hrs into flt to Bridgetown, Barbados, with #3 fail Nil Loss of oil pressure #3 engine
15 April Murcia, Spain 737 of Ryanair Flt: FR8022 Fire indication after landing caused a passenger evacuation 1 inj / 59 pax Possibly an APU fire warning
15 April Rio de Janeiro Intl. 747-400 of BA G-BYGE lost an engine after departure and landed back Nil No further details
15 April Capetown, SA MD-82 of 1Time Tailcone fell off rear end after landing and contaminated r/way 19 with debris Nil Tailcone optimistically trailered into the terminal by AFF for re-attachment
17 Apr 1430L Elista A/P, Russia Yak 40 of Ruslain Emerg landing after tire fragments found at departure airport in Moscow Nil Deptd Vnukovo A/P Moscow
18 April 1056L Cukai, Malaysia S61N of MHS Avn Bhd 35 y.o. helo crashed in trees a few minutes after leaving Kerteh A/P 9 uninj Kerteh to Terranganu offshore oil platforms. Poss tail-rotor drive failure
18 April 2015L E. Venizelos A/P Greece ATR72 of Olympic Airways Flt: OA658 Unable to lower its gear on approach to Mikonos A/P so returned to Athens and made emerg landing E. Venizelos Nil Athens to Mikonos flt landed E. Venizelos A/P (Athens Intl A/P). No details of damage
18 April Piarco Intl A/P Trinidad Dash 8 of Tobago Express, Flight: 534 Unable to lower nose-gear as it approached Crown Point A/P, so a/c returned to Piarco Intl for landing
Port of Spain to Tobago. Substantial damage to nose area. 3 inj / 46 pax +3 crew
19 April ~1950L Bangkok, Thailand 777 of SIA A330 of Thai A330 (TG602) struck parked flt SQ068 777 wing at a taxiway intersection Nil / 183 + 292 (777) Thai Airbus wing substantially damaged (777 wing to lesser extent)
19 April Kansas City Intl. A321 of US Airways, Flt201 Diverted enroute into Kansas City International with a hoz stabilizer light Nil Philadelphia to San Francisco
20 April 2245L Mehrabad A/P, Iran 707 of Saha Air (Iran Def Force) 707-320C fm Kish crashed off r/way 29L (a/c ending up in the Kan River)
Gear failed, caught fire. Evac chutes failed. 3 fatal / 80 inj/157pax +16 crew
20 April 2346L Zurich A340 of Swiss LX096 Landed back Zurich 90 mins after t/off due to a departure birdstrike Nil No damage. Enrt Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International A/P, Brazil
20 April midnight Hong Kong 747 of Cathay Flt: CX289 Frankfurt bound jet aborted when two LHS tires blew on take-off below 100k Nil / 350 pax 17 outbound & 6 inbound flts delayed plus one diverted by r/way closure
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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