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Monday, April 14, 2008

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Death/Injury Remarks
March 01, 2008 Tucson, AZ Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, N22TE The approach was made with the airplane configured in a slip to compensate for crosswind. During the landing rollout, the airplane began to veer to the right. The pilot applied left rudder to correct the heading; however, the airplane continued off the runway and hit a culvert with a rock facing. No injuries The pilot received weather information via the National Weather Service and an automated report. The winds were reported to be from 280 degrees at four knots.
March 01, 2008 Titusville, FL Velocity Aircraft Velocity XL RG, N244CU The Velocity XL RG and a Vans RV-8 collided on the ground following landing on runway 15 at the Arthur Dunn Air Park. The RV-8 had entered the intersection and was midway between runway 15 and the parallel taxiway when it was struck from the left side by the Velocity. Three fatalities, one serious injury Witnesses stated that the Velocity had landed on runway 15 and departed the runway on the left side entering a grassy area. The Velocity continued in the grass and witnesses stated that they observed the Velocity collide with the RV-8 in a left bank and with full engine power. Both airplane's exploded into a fireball.
March 01, 2008 Titusville, FL Vans RV-8, N128RV See above See above See above
March 02, 2008 Rio de Janiero, Brazil Cirrus SR-22 registration: PR-AIO The SR-22 was destroyed when it impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Jacarepagua Airport (SBJT), Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Four fatalities The flight was conducted under Brazilian flight regulations.
March 03, 2008 Chandler, AZ Piper PA-28 N8400A The Piper PA-28 impacted the terrain during a go-around from a simulated engine-out landing about 11 miles south of Chandler Municipal Airport, No injuries To initiate a go-around, the student pilot pushed the throttle to the full-forward position, whereupon the engine momentarily coughed/chocked, and the airplane continued to sink. Just as the engine accelerated to full power, the airplane struck the ground
March 05, 2008 Jerome, ID Maule M-4 N2039U During the takeoff roll with the student pilot at the controls the airplane drifted left of runway centerline. The pilot corrected the situation, but the airplane began to track right of runway center line and the CFI took the flight controls. No injuries The fpilot stated he applied left rudder and brake, but the airplane continued to track to the right and eventually exited the right shoulder of the runway.
March 06, 2008 Bountiful, UT Piper PA-24 N146P The private pilot was on the final leg of a cross-country flight that originated approximately one hour prior to the accident. No injuries The pilot reported that he did not check the landing gear position during the straight in approach and consequently landed with the gear in the retracted position.
March 08, 2008 in Tracy, CA American Champion 7GCAA N75SE The CFI was demonstrating a simulated engine failure during takeoff initial climb by executing a 180-degree turn back to the airport. No injuries As the CFI was completing the maneuver, he initiated a go-around by applying full power. Subsequently the airplane stalled and impacted the runway in a left wing low attitude.
March 11, 2008 Oxnard, CA Bell 206B N7028J The pilot was performing an aerial application on a celery crop with the skids about 24 inches above the tops of the crop. No injuries While in straight and level flight, the landing skids contacted the crop and the helicopter pitched forward.
March 14, 2008 Edinburgh, United Kingdom Cessna 550 Registration: G-JBIZ The Citation experienced control problems prior to landing at Edinburgh Airport. No injuries The flight subsequently landed safely.
March 15, 2008 Lauderdale, FL Cessna 402B N300SH The aircraft operated by Bimini Island Air had a gear collapse on landing roll at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). No injuries The pilot called tower control and reported that he had a gear unsafe warning light. The pilot conducted a fly-by, and the tower advised him that the gear looked down and locked. The right main landing gear collapsed during the landing roll.
March 24, 2008 Freeport, Bahamas Mooney M20C N2943L The aircraft experienced an in-flight break up off the shore of Grand Bahamas. Two fatalities The flight originated from the Grand Bahama International Airport (MYGF).
March 24, 2008 Venice, FL Piper PA 28-161 r N465TC The aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted water, shortly after takeoff from Venice Municipal Airport (VNC) One fatality The pilot had recently completed a "check out" flight with a flight instructor, which allowed the pilot to rent an FBO's airplanes. The accident flight was the pilot's first solo flight in an FBO airplane.
March 25, 2008 Dhaka, Bangladesh Boeing 747-400 Reg: TF-ARS The Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 wet leased to Saudi Arabian Airlines, experienced a fire on the No. 3 engine pylon during the landing rollout at the Dhaka International Airport. unavail The flightcrew taxied the aircraft clear of the runway and then received an engine fire warning in the No. 3 engine. The flight crew performed the engine fire procedures and discharged both fire bottles but the fire did not extinguish. The flightcrew ordered an evacuation.
March 25, 2008 Dayton, WA Grumman G-164A N48629 The pilot was returning to base after an aerial fertilizer application. He was landing to the north, and noted that the wind was coming from the west. As he flared the airplane to land, the wind shifted to a strong, quartering tailwind. 1 minor injury The airplane touched down on the runway, bounced, and then nosed over.
March 27, 2008 Houston, TX Boeing 737-524 N23661 Continental Boeing 737-524 sustained minor damage when all four main landing gear tires blew out during touchdown on runway 26R at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH) No injuries The airplane touched down on runway 26R and came to rest 2,000 feet from the end. A small fire was noted on the right main gear and aircraft rescue fire fighters responded and extinguished the fire.
March 28, 2008 Monterrey, Mexico British Aerospace 800A, N167DD The aircraft was substantially damaged while landing on runway 02 at Aeropuerta de Norte. No injuries After landing, the crew taxied the airplane to the hanger and did not report the occurrence. Maintenance personnel noticed substantial damage to the fuselage and wings while performing routine maintenance.
March 28, 2008 DeLand, FL March 29, 2008 in Buckeye, AZ Vans RV8, N130X The aircraft was substantially damaged during a forced landing shortly after takeoff from DeLand Municipal Airport-Sidney H. Taylor Field (KDED). No injuries During the initial climb at 300 feet, with the fuel selector on the left tank position, the engine quit. He banked to the right and while descending for a forced landing in a clearing, the airplane collided with a single power line.
March 29, 2008 Buckeye, AZ Cessna 182A N5931B The pilot lost engine power, prompting a force-landing about one mile north of Buckeye Municipal Airport. 1 minor injury The pilot had just dropped off a load of skydivers and was returning to the airport. It was very windy as he approached runway 17. During the approach, he applied power but the engine did not respond. The pilot then force landed the airplane in a field.
March 30, 2008 Questa, NM Balloon Works Firefly 9, N72345 The hot air balloon was destroyed after it made a hard landing in an open field and caught fire. 5 serious, one minor injury The pilot said that when the balloon was about 20 feet above ground level (agl), the "bottom fell out" and it descended rapidly with a forward motion until it hit the ground. The impact was hard enough to eject four of the passengers and to break one of the burner can mounts causing it to point downward. The balloon started to catch fire.
March 31, 2008 Marana, AZ Jihlavan KP 5 ASA N31KP The light sport aircraft impacted the terrain during an attempted emergency landing near Marana Regional Airport. one minor injury About one minute after departure, the airplane's canopy became unlatched and partially opened. The pilot turned back toward the airport, but because difficulty controlling the airplane with the canopy partially open, he elected to attempt a landing in a nearby open field.
April 01, 2008 Koliganek, AK Piper PA-32 N8327S The aircraft sustained substantial damage when it collided with snow-covered terrain while in cruise flight, about 10 miles south south-west of Koliganek. One minor injury The airplane was operated as Peninsula Airways Flight 245. The pilot, the sole occupant, received minor injuries. He was in cruise flight about 700 feet agl, and the visibility was good until about 20 miles from Koliganek. The weather began to deteriorate rapidly, and the pilot decided to turn around. The airplane then collided with terrain.
April 04, 2008 Udeiid Airbase, Qatar USAF B-1B Lancer The B-1B while taxiing after landing was involved in a ground incident and caught fire. No injuries The crew evacuated the aircraft safely. The fire was contained.
April 04, 2008 Balad Airbase, Iraq GA-ASI MQ-1 Predator UAV The USAF MQ-1 Predator drone ran off of the runway while landing. No injuries The aircraft is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, remotely piloted aircraft. The MQ-1's primary mission is conducting armed reconnaissance.
April 05, 2008 Topeka, KS Robinson R44 N402PD The helicopter was substantially damaged after impacting a light pole during a precautionary landing to parking lot. No injuries The helicopter was registered and operated by the Topeka Kansas Police Department. During the flight the engine over-speed warning light illuminated. The pilot then executed an autorotation. During the landing, a main rotor blade contacted a light-pole. The helicopter subsequently made a hard landing, coming to rest on its side.


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