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Monday, July 18, 2005

Accidents and Incidents

26 June 1610Z Grand Junction, Colo. Beech 1900D of Gt. Lakes Avn. While standing after boarding with L eng running, N240GL rolled into fence Nil Mounted curb & became enmeshed in a chain link fence. Substantial damage
28 June approx. Mozambique Caravan C208 of AirServ (UN a/c) C208 serial #13 written off in post-accident fire (overturned on landing) Nil On Island of Matemo. N9324F was previously world's highest-time C208
28 June 1550Z Greensboro, N.C. CL-600-2B19 Reg: N623BR Nose-gear collapsed on Independence Air CL-600 while parked at its gate 1 inj After deplaning pax on arrival from Chantilly, Va.
01 July 2251Z Atlanta, Ga. 757 of Delta Flt: DAL1171 Blew tire on t/off Miami. Wing & flap damage was found on landing ATL Nil Raises question mark re: retracting gear & flap & proceeding to destination
01 July 2251Z Amarillo, Texas Learjet 25 Reg: N345MC A/c ran off LHS of runway 04 at midfield during landing roll-out Nil / 2 o/b Minor damage
04 July Manchester, UK BAe146 of Rock Band U2 Emergency landing soon after takeoff - with a developing galley fire Nil G-BPNT (operated by Flightline Inc). No Bono onboard
04 Jul Paris CDG A/P L-1011 of Starjet Reg: A6-BSM A6-BSM ret'd to Charles de Gaulle with crew reporting overheated #3 eng Nil Op to Athens for Olympic Awys
05 July Manchester, UK 747 of PIA Baggage truck became hard wedged beneath eng nacelle causing a 15" gash Nil Situation worsened by operator then trying to reverse the truck out.
06 July 0145Z Oklahoma City, Okla. Citation 560 Reg: N511TH RH engine caught fire on climb-out. A/c returned and landed w/o incident Nil / 2 o/b Destination: Dallas, Texas
06 July 1730L Thunder Bay, Can. Metroliner of Bearskin Airlines Landed safely on main wheels only after nose-gear doors jammed shut Nil / 19 pax Extensive damage to nose, engines and props
06 July Manchester, UK 737-400 of Jet 2 Reg: TF-ELZ Ramp agent removed a GPU from an a/c while it was still connected to it Nil Caused over US$1M damage to hardware and a/c electrics
06 July morning Raleigh Durham, N.C. A320 of Jet Blue A/c made an emergency landing after a smoky odor was detected aboard Nil / 153 pax Headed for West Palm Beach, Fla.
07 July 0900L Paris (CDG A/P) A330-200 of TAM PT-MVC Flt JJ8096 became stuck in the grass after leaving the paved surfaces Nil Undamaged and later headed back to Brazil as JJ8097 (CDG - Sao Paulo)
07 July afternoon Shannon, Ireland 777-200 of American Airlines Emergency diversion & landing with electrical fault & smoke in the cockpit Nil / 190 pax +12 Still on tarmac at Shannon at press time.
07 July 1100Z Chicago O'Hare A319 of Air Canada C-GBHR Blade of a concrete cutter (working on tarmac) ricocheted off wing and embedded in a UAL cart Nil Would appear blade wasn't properly locked. Minor damage to A319 wing
08 July Papua Niu Gini Fokker 100 x2 of Air Niugini PNG jets grounded (failing to install EGPWS by July 1, 2005 - 5 yrs notice) Nil Joins two Australian regionals who've had a/c grounded due to no EGPWS
08 July early morn Trinidad 767-300 of Air Canada AC094 was forced to divert to Port of Spain A/P after pax became disruptive Nil Toronto to Buenos Aires flight. Male pax arrested after landing
08 July 1502Z Denver, Colo. A320 of United Flt: UA1511 Returned to land when a fire erupted in #1 eng during climb out of Denver Nil Fire was extinguished before landing
09 July Dan Helder A/P DC2-142 of Aviodrome On landing the left main gear of PH-AJU retracted and wingtip dragged Nil Substantial damage to this historic Netherlands bird
09 July 2350Z JFK New York A330-200 of LTU (LTU1551) Olympic A340 struck LTU A330 that had reported brake problems on taxi Nil A340-300 flt OA412 struck rear of A330's stabilizer & both were u/s'd
10 July ~1030L Delaware Bay RV-8 and Rutan Long-EZ N78LC 2/6 formating airplanes collided during oppositional maneuvering & crashed 2 fatal / 2 2 fatalities also at CFB Moose Jaw Saskatchewan (an airshow collision)
10 July ~1700L Manila, Philippines A330 of Air France PR106 Nosewheel malfunctioned during 180� turn on runway & a/c became stuck Nil / 281 o/b Incoming flights divtd Clark Intl and all outgoing flights were delayed
11 July Neuquen, Argentina 737-200 of Southern Winds Flt A46176 made emerg landing due to a severely overtemping engine enroute Nil / 106 pax Departed Buenos Aires for destination Neuquen
11 July Boston Logan A/P A330-300 of US Airways Flight diverted into Boston with an air-rage passenger who'd been subdued Nil Charlotte, N.C., to Heathrow flight was delayed 3 hrs & male pax was arrested
11 July Gatwick, UK 767 of Nationwide Wheel fires developed after a high speed abort following an engine surge Nil Engine and wheel changes required after this takeoff incident
12 July Stansted, UK 737 of Titan 7 crew hospitalized for checks after a/c diverted due to fumes in the cabin Nil / >120 pax Birmingham to Palma Majorca flight operated on behalf of BMI Baby
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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