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Monday, April 28, 2008

Accidents and Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Death/Injury Remarks
April 01, 2008 El Cajon, CA Cessna 152 N64938 Experienced a hard landing at Gillespie Field. No injuries The student pilot was not injured. The a/c sustained substantial damage during a post crash fire.
April 04, 2008 Tuscaloosa, AL Raytheon Aircraft B300, N900WP King Air encountered severe turbulence and sustained substantial damage about five miles from the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. No injuries While entering the vicinity of the destination airport, observed a 200- to 300-foot thick cloud ahead. As the a/c passed under the dark cloud immediately encountered a violent and rapid turbulence event. Initiated a 180-degree turn while reducing power. During the turbulence, the a/c descended several hundred feet and did not appear to have experienced any type of wing loading. Never experienced a loss of control. Duration of the turbulence did not exceed several seconds.
April 06, 2008 Lincoln, ME Luscombe 8A N2209K Pilot completed a successful takeoff and landing on runway 17, and then let the pilot-rated-passenger attempt the same. One minor As the pilot-rated-passenger initiated a takeoff roll, the a/c veered left, right, left, and right again. Pilot attempted to correct the upset, but a/c traveled off the right side of the runway, into snow-covered grass, and came to rest inverted.
April 07, 2008 French Lick, IN Powell Vans RV-6A N551MP Landing the amateur-built, experimental airplane on runway 26 with the local winds reported as 260 degrees at fourf knots. As the a/c was touching down, left wing came up and the right wing and nose wheel touched down on the runway at the same time. No injuries There was a "valley on either side of the runway" which "funneled a crosswind" of greater velocity than the winds of the surrounding area.
April 07, 2008 Quinton, OK Hiller UH-12E N34SD Helicopter was en route to landing zone after agricultural application when loud noise heard with associated vibrations. Performed autorotation into nearby field. No injuries Helicopter owned and operated by Texas Air Cargo. The local flight originated from private property located five miles north of Quinton.
April 07, 2008 Polk City, FL Chech Aircraft Works SPOL SRO CH 601 XL RTF N357DT A/c was substantially damaged when impacted trees and terrain following an uncontrolled descent. One fatality After banking to level, the a/c yawed right, and the "right wing folded up." The a/c banked right and the left wing "went up" just before the a/c entered nose dive. Witness said the wings looked perpendicular to normal position, and engine sound changed, as a/c descended. Witness heard engine pitch change to the point where it sounded like the engine "over sped" as the airplane descended. Second witness heard a "pop" and saw a/c with ight wing was folded back and to the side.
April 08, 2008 Hanoi, Vietnam Antonov 26 Vietnam Air Force a/c crashed in a rice field in Ta Thanh Oai commune in Thanh Tri, an outlying district of Hanoi. Five fatalities Had departed Hanoi-Gia Lam Airport( VVGL)
April 09, 2008 Afghanistan MQ-9 Reaper UAV UK RAF 39 Sqn UK-operated Drone was lost during an operational sortie. No injuries Mechanical issues as opposed to enemy action are suspected.
April 11, 2008 Denio, NV Bell 47G-3B-1 N24SD Chopper suffered loss of engine power while maneuvering about 25 miles south of Denio. Pilot made hard forced landing on hillside. No injuries Flight was for predator control. Passenger-gunman had just shot coyote. Mechanical malfunction occurred as circled coyote about 20 feet above ground. While maneuvering heard grinding noise and believe a/c engine/transmission failed.
April 11, 2008 Kingman, AZ North American T-28C N9022N A./c experienced total loss of engine power while cruising five miles east-southeast of Kingman Airport. Forced landing on open, rocky, desert terrain One minor While cruising about 1,000 ft above ground level engine started running rough. Checked engine gauges and observed that oil pressure was decreasing and oil temp was maxing out. Engine then lost power and pilot made intentional gear up landing because tricycle gear airplane likely would have nosed over during rollout on soft terrain. Lycoming R-1820 engine had less than 100 hours since receiving overhaul.
April 11, 2008 Concrete, WA Piper PA-18-150 N6845Z A/c experienced a partial loss of engine power while cruising about six miles from Concrete. Ditched a/c in stream. Nosed over in four feet of water. One minor Experiencing problems with factory remanufactured "zero time" engine and/or its carburetor hours prior to accident flight. Carburetor had recently been overhauled and reinstalled. Engine started to run rough and pilot applied full carburetor heat. Action not resolve problem and engine started losing power.
April 13, 2008 Lakeland, FL Dayon Thomas Lancair Legacy N1177M Collided with ground shortly after takeoff from runway 27L at Lakeland Linder Regional. Pilot was observed having difficulty closing canopy prior to takeoff. During takeoff climb witness saw cockpit canopy moving and believed pilot was pushing it up and down. One fatality Whether distraction of open canopy was directly causal to the accident, or if other factors were involved in the fatal crash, remains to be officially determined.
April 14, 2008 Youngstown, OH Boeing E75N1 N3840K A/c was destroyed when impacted terrain during the base leg turn of a VFR approach to Runway 28 (4,012 feet by 50 feet, asphalt) at Youngstown Elser Metro Airport (4G4). One serious, one minor Departed 4G4 on a post maintenance test flight.
April 15, 2008 Chickaloon, AK Eurocopter AS350B2 N213EH Sustained substantial damage during an in-flight collision with terrain 34 miles east of Chickaloon. The a/c was operated by ERA Helicopters. Four fatalities, one serious Mixture of visual and instrument meteorological conditions prevailed in the area of the accident. Commo technician was dropped off at a remote site, and helicopter went to another site with other technicians. He said the helicopter was to return in about four hours.
April 16, 2008 Angleton, TX Gulfstream-Schweizer G-164B, N8237K A/c was destroyed when struck power lines and impacted terrain while maneuvering. One minor Pilot was flying low and spraying a field. Pulled up to make a turn and flew into power lines. Added power in an attempt to get out of the wires, but barely cleared highway and impacted adjacent field.
April 16, 2008 Annobon Is. Equatorial Guinea Antonov 32 3C-5GE? Equatorial Guinea National Guard a/c crashed into sea off skidding off runway in heavy wind and rain. 13 fatalities State radio said no. of passengers and crew was 13. Gov said 11 people were on a./c/.
April 17, 2008 Seattle, WA Boeing 737 Flight 592 Alaska Airlines a/c first officer treated for possible smoke inhalation. Minor injury An indication of problem with nosegear. After low pass to allow tower controllers to visually confirm the gear was down, a/c made uneventful landing, but hazy smoke appeared in cockpit, prompting evacuation order.
April 18, 2008 Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw, Sask CT-155 Hawk military trainer Pilots ejected before a/c crashed during routine training mission within base's perimeter. No fatalities A/c had just taken off and in a climb when iencountered problems and turned back to airfield at which point the air crew made decision to eject.
April 23, 2008 Falcon Field (FFZ) Mesa, AZ Lancair IV-P Crashed in orange grove after takeoff. Pilot reported mechanical problems. Three fatalities Single-engine homebuilt a/c cleared to return to FFZ after controllers saw smoke coming from plane.
April 23, 2008 Columbus AFB, MS T-38C Talon trainer A/c crashed on Columbus AFB Two fatalities Under investigation. Additional details provided as available.
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