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Monday, June 27, 2005

Accidents and Incidents

22 May 1037L Cayman Island 737-200 of Cayman Awys Declared an emergency with a low engine oil pressure light Nil Unclear whether engine was shut down
27 May 1815Z Tallahassee, Fla. Emb ERJ 135LR of Chautauqua N836RP hit a cement wall with its left wing during taxi-out for departure Nil Unknown damage
05 June 1122L Tokyo Haneda 767 of ANA Flt: 664 Flew 5,000ft off altitude at 8,800m (vice 10,400m) due to captain setting altimeter to agree with misset F/O's Nil / 96 o/b Nagasaki to Tokyo flt crew grounded by Ministry Officials
08 June Melbourne A/P 747 of SIA A/c landed "hot" and long at Tullamarine A/P and blew a tire Nil No further details
09 June Houston-Calgary CL-600-2D15 Reg: C-GJAZ of Air Can Jazz JZA8501 had a stick shaker event at FL410 and M0.7 and lost altitude to FL380 at 1,000ft/min and 3 deg n/down Nil / 66 o/b Over Colorado Springs. Intermittent stick-shaker. See NTSB ident DCA05IA072 and DCA05WA073
10 Jun Houston-Calgary CL-600-2D15 Reg: C-FBJZ of Air Can Jazz JZA8501 had stick shaker event, aural warning & loss of airspeed causing a recovery descent fm FL 400 to FL380 Nil One pax struck head on o'head bins during recovery maneuver. Energy loss at edge of performance envelope
10 June 1830Z JFK A/P, New York 747-212B of Evergreen N486EV had fire in #2 eng during a maint run-up test on runway 22R Nil / 4 o/b Minor damage
11 June 0012Z Denver, Colo. A319 of NWA Flt: NWA563 F/A sustained broken leg during moderate turbulence encounter 1 inj No further details
13 June 1425Z Fairbanks, Alaska Beech 1900 of Frontier Flying N575G on departure the left outboard main gear failed and fell away Nil / 2 o/b Landed without incident. Headed Kotzebue, Alaska
13 June 2200Z Grand Canyon KingAir C90-B Reg: N49LL A/c down on the north side of U.S. 89A, in the Marble Canyon Ariz. area. 2 serious/ 2 o/b While landing at Page, Ariz., close to Lake Powell
13 June 2300L Evansville A/P Ind. ERJ145 of American Connect Flight diverted in to Evansville with hydraulic (nose-wheel steering) probs Nil / 29 o/b St Louis to Norfolk, Va., pax overnighted Evansville
14 June ~0930L Poonch, India MI-17 of Indian AF Crashed after rotors hit trees while landing at Dherawali helipad 14 inj / 18 o/b 40th Indian Armed Forces helo to crash in the last 5 years
14 June 1338L New York Bell 206 LongRanger Eng failed on lift-off from Wall St. Heliport & helo crashed in East River 1 inj / 7 o/b N728TD of Helicopter Flt Services
16 June 0744Z Anchorage, Alaska ATR42-300 of Northern Air Cgo Reported struck by lightning enroute while 35nm NW of Anchorage Nil Substantial damage. Inbound from Fairbanks, Alaska
16 June NE Peru MI-8 helo of Peru military Crashed in Putamayo River in a jungle area along the Colombian border 4 dead / 4 inj/15 Another 7 persons missing - 870 nms NE of Lima, Peru
16 June night Manchester, UK 777 of PIA Flt: 722 Flight carried out an emergency landing after an engine malfunctioned Nil / 355 pax New York - Karachi Flt 772 will reach destination 60 hrs after launch ex JFK
17 June 1055L Osaka, Japan DHC-8-400 of ANA Flt:1609 Made an emergency landing at 1109L with a cockpit full of smoke Nil / 64 pax Bound for Kochi A/P, Cochin
18 June 1640L New York S-76 of Corporate Air N317MY crashed into water shortly after t/off 34th St. Heliport near U.N. 1 critical / 8 o/b 2nd NY helo river accident in 4 days off Manhattan. Pilot critical condition
18 June Indore, India A319 of Indian Airlines Flt 7133 aborted at high-speed after ingesting a bird and blew tires Nil / 38 pax Bound Mumbai
18 June 2154L Charlotte, N.C. 737-300 of US Airways Flt 1127 After 75 mins a/c lost pressurization and pilot deployed pax oxygen masks Nil / 122 o/b 30,000ft. 3 pax treated at Charlotte N.C. Flt originated Chicago, Ill.
18 Jun 1530L Charlotte, N.C. CRJ of US Airways Express Dept for Little Rock, Ark., delayed 90 mins when smoke filled the cabin Nil Malfunctioning aircon unit
18 June midday South China Sea Super Puma of Malaysian Helicopter Svc Suddenly ditched enroute 30nm from B-11 oil-rig platform due to technical problems - after a noon Mayday call 11 +2 injured Ex Miri Helibase (Lutong). Crew & pax hospitalized (unknown injuries)
18 June 2150Z San Antonio, Texas 737-700 of SWA Struck by an Evergreen baggage cart while parked at the gate Nil A/c unoccupied at the time. Extent of damage is unknown
19 June Orlando, Fla. 727 of DHL Reg: N751DH 4 baggage carts slammed into the a/c side by wind while parked on the ramp Nil Minor damage to skin on RHS of fuselage
19 June 2330Z Tehran, Iran DC-10-30ER of NWA NWA041 emergency diversion, landing with fire indicated in the cargo hold Nil / 255 pax Bombay-Amsterdam flt. Fire extinguished upon landing. N243NW
20 June Grand Cayman 757 of AA Flt: 953 Aircraft hit moderate turbulence at 28,000ft with Honduran first family 2 / 188 +6 o/b 2 hospitalized. Honduran President also in a light a/c crash on May 1
21 June Mumbai, India 747 freighter of Atlas Air Diverted in with a #4 engine failure at FL290 and a callsign of Alitalia 6030 Nil US reg'd cargo-jet landed ex Milan in nasty monsoonal wind & weather
21 June 1645L Indianapolis Intl. Hawker 800 of LRB Corp Blew a tire on t/off and skidded off the runway severely damaging the gear Nil / 7 pax +2 Just hours after the U.S. Grand Prix. Runway shutdown for 2 hrs. N676JB
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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