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Monday, February 21, 2005

Accidents And Incidents

05 Dec morning Newcastle, UK 737 of Easyjet Aircraft rejected takeoff after ingesting birds & taking many hits on one wing Nil/ 96 pax Operational hazard compounded by a shooting party driving birds to airfield
04 Feb dawn Tecumseh, Okla. Cessna 414 Chancellor Airplane stolen in Ann Arbor, Mich., was found gear up in center of runway at Meyer's Divers Airport Nil Intact apart from curled prop tips and shock-loaded engines. TSA is investigating. Walloon Air LLC owner
14 Feb North Sea off UK Jetstream 41 of Eastern Airways Aircraft took rapid avoiding action at 16,500 ft to miss a Tornado F3 fighter Nil/ 15 pax 83% of 64 2003 airprox assessed as nil risk (Durham Tees Valley-Aberdeen)
02 Feb 1915L Chicago O'Hare 747-422 of UAL Reg: N118UA Aircraft struck a pickup truck during taxi out to departure runway 32 Nil Minor damage to N118UA (Chicago - Tokyo) between taxiways A11 & A12
04 Feb 0600Z Burbank, Calif. 737 of SWA Flt: SWA 1386 Damage found to wing panel, gear door and flap during post flt inspection Nil Damage suspected to have been sustained at dept airport
08 Feb 1100L Roma (Fiumicino) 777 of Alitalia ANSV investigating aircraft mistakenly landing on the wrong runway Nil Landed 16 left instead of 16 right (as cleared)
08 Feb Amsterdam, Netherlands A340-600 of Virgin Flt: Vir201 Enroute London (Heathrow), diverted Amsterdam due to fuel management and engine problems (reportedly #1 & #4) Nil/ 311 pax G-VATL ex Hong Kong. Engine #1 failed and cold fuel transfer problems ensued. Then no tow-bar to pushback..
10 Feb 2000L Portland, Ore. CRJ200 of United Express Flt 7976 landed low on fuel, 90 mins late and with a cracked windscreen Nil/ 38 o/b Washington (Dulles) to Portland. U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe aboard
10 Feb 1946Z Indianapolis, Ind. Turbo Commander 690 N840JK veered left off runway while landing in stiff crosswind Nil/ 2 o/b Eagle Creek A/P (substantial damage) JJK Aviation LLC owner
11 Feb 1850Z Fort Wayne, Ind. Aero Commander 680 N688TM Gear collapsed on landing and aircraft went off the runway side Nil Minor damage (Commander Avn) Destination originally Peoria, Ill.
11 Feb 2200Z Coolidge, Ariz. S2F3AT Tracker Reg: N442DF Landed gear up while on a test-flight (assumed inadvertent) 1 uninjured Public Use aircraft of USDA Forest Service
11 Feb Semarang, Indonesia 737-200 of Mandala Airlines Skidded off runway end into a grassy area after landing long in a heavy downpour and aquaplaning Nil Minor damage only. Flight originated Jakarta
12 Feb 2315Z San Diego, Calif. EMB-120 of Sky West N189SW Ret'd to gate after windshield struck by 737-blown asphalt chunks Nil Windshield replaced on Brasilia SKW6070
12 Feb 1536Z LAX, Calif. 747-400 of Qantas QFA93 struck some unknown runway FOD debris on landing Nil Unknown damage (Melbourne Australia to Los Angeles)
12 Feb 2110L Toluca, Mexico Aero Commander 685 Crashed on approach in Villa Santin neighbourhood, 2mls from runway 2 fatal/ 3 o/b Aircraft had departed Cancun for State Capital Toluca. Hit three homes
12 Feb Robins AFB C130 x 90 USAF grounded 30 older examples and placed 60 on flight restrictions Nil Related to wing center-section fatigue cracking
12 Feb Bristol, UK 737 of EasyJet Flt:ESY402 Landed after declaring a full emergency for an unknown problem Nil/ 118 pax Arriving from Glasgow. Circled for an hour to burn off gas
13 Feb Billund, Denmark MD80 of Snowflake Flight SK540 diverted Billund Denmark with smoke in the cabin Nil Manchester UK to Copenhagen. Pax continued by bus to Copenhagen
14 Feb Daloa, Cote d'Ivoir UN helo (unspec type) Four members of UNOCI mission injured when their helo crashed 4 inj All four hospitalized
14 Feb Mumbai, India A310-300 of AI Flt AI936 Dubai to Cochin Flt diverted Mumbai with an hydraulic failure Nil No further details
14 Feb Malpensa, Italy MD82 of Alitalia Landed 35L and crossed the parallel without a clearance, missing a lander Nil ANSV is cracking down on runway incursions by Alitalia
15 Feb 1320 L Christchurch, NZ 737-300 of Qantas Auckland to Queenstown flight diverted in after an engine failure Nil/ 66 pax No further details
15 Feb 1933Z Burbank, Calif. Beech 99 of Ameriflight Flt AMF99's main gear collapsed on landing Nil Significant damage
15 Feb Mumbai, India 737 of Jet Awys Flt 9W351 Flt re-landed Lady captain who disregarded F/A's advice at gate (re: leaking LPG lanterns in the cargo hold) is to be charged Nil/150 Mumbai-Delhi flt was carrying dangerous cargo that leaked and was overpowering the pax in the cabin
15 Feb 0627L Townsville, Australia Metro 23 of MACAIR Passengers were trapped for half an hour after the aircraft failed to depressurize on landing Nil/21 Great seals! (But no manual control of outflow valves?)
16 Feb Mumbai, India 737 of Jet Awys Flt 9W417 Aborted its takeoff when a Bell 430 helicopter entered the runway ahead Nil Helo departing from intermediate taxiway. 737 bound Bangalore, India
16 Feb 0913L Pueblo, Colo. Citation 560 of Circuit City Crashed 5mls E of Pueblo Mem A/P on appch (freezing fog/rain conditions) 8 fatal/ 8 o/b 3 popping noises heard just prior may indicate engine ice ingestion N500AT
16 Feb 0930L Penn Yan, NY Grumman Goose G-21A Aircraft burned out following forced landing after takeoff due to engine trouble 2 inj/ 2 o/b 1930 vintage airplane (amphibian) owned by Jetcraft Corp.
17 Feb 1341L Shannon, Ireland 767-300 of Delta Flt: DL119 Diverted into Shannon with a #2 engine failure Nil/ 191 pax Paris to New York (JFK)
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries, investigated by National Transportation Safety Boards. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association.(IASA)
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