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Monday, November 8, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

26 Aug. afternoon Las Cruces, N.M. C-17 of Air Force One support team Main runway declared unusable due to 2" deep asphalt ruts left by C-17 usage. Nil $2M damage caused by Pres Bush visit has been referred back to USAF.
02 Oct. night Bangkok, Thailand A300-600R of Air Hong Kong/DHL Ran off the runway on landing - probable training evolution. Nil Minor damage to brand new aircraft.
21 Oct. New Delhi, India A310-300 of Royal Jordanian RJ193 crew claims nearly collided with a motor-scooter on entry to the runway. Nil Surfaced due to complaint by airline to DGCA & Indira Ghandi Airport ops
23 Oct. Manaus, Brazil 707-330C of Beta Cargo PP-BSE right main gear leg ruptured though top surface of wing-root on its t/off roll.
Write-off of >100K hours veteran record holder of more than 37 years service.
29 Oct. 1130L Kyushu, Japan 737-500 of All Nippon Awys Flt 471 diverted in with a loss of cabin pressure and oxy-mask drop-downs. Nil / 96 o/b Enroute to Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.
29 Oct. 0907L Albany, N.Y. EMB170 of US Airways Flt 1688 hold found contaminated by white powder. Hazmat team activated. Nil / 11 pax +3 crew 3 ground-crew had irritated eyes and chest pains. Concourse B evacuated.
30 Oct. night Dubuque Regional A/P ERJ of American Eagle Flt 4053 made a runway excursion onto the grass while landing with a 30kt crosswind. Nil Ship No. 635 arriving from Chicago O'Hare. Pax bussed out due winds.
31 Oct. 1540L Birmingham, UK Dash 8 of BA Flt: 1867 Edinburgh to Southampton flight diverted in with smoke in the cockpit. 1 inj Windshield heat wiring. One woman treated by paramedics (panic attack).
31 Oct Hanoi Vietnam A321 of Vietnam Airlines VN830 (Bangkok to Hanoi) made an emergency landing without nosewheel extension. Nil Significant damage although runway was extensively pre-foamed.
31 Oct. Roanoke, Virginia MD80 of AA Flt: AA1240 Diverted in for an emergency landing because of engine problems. Nil Dallas Ft Worth to Washington DC (Reagan).
31 Oct. Zurich Intl., Switzerland A330 of Emirates ATC ordered Swiss Milan-bound flight to abort t/off r'way 10 due to A330 on short finals landing runway 14 at Zurich. Nil Under investigation by Skyguide.
31 Oct. SAAB340B of JAC Ret'd Kagoshima with a mech problem. Nil Japan Air Commuter flight.
01 Nov. Colorado Springs CRJ of Delta Skywest Orlando to Salt Lake City flight diverted in with a cargo hold smoke warning. Nil No further details.
01 Nov 1058L Kazan Russia TU-154B of Air Kazakhstan Enrt Sharm-El-Sheikh, returned Kazan with a major engine problem. Nil / 143 pax Fuel contamination. Deptd 0745L and flew for a further 2:30 to burn off gas.
01 Nov. 2245L Raleigh Durham A/P N. Carolina 727 of Sen. John Edwards campaign N679MG ABC sound technician inadvertently set fire to a press cabin seat forcing a/c to land after 5 mins. Secret Service ext'd it. Nil Enroute Williamstown West Virginia. Battery explosion follows a 15 Oct aborted take-off due generator failure.
01 Nov. ~0230UTC St Louis, Missouri 757 of Delta Flt: 1661 Cincinnati to San Diego Flt emerg descent with smoke and electrical problems. Nil Pilot's emergency PA announcement kept breaking up on the cabin speakers.
02 Nov. morning Mumbai, India A320 of Air Deccan DN603 arriving from Delhi had a main landing gear tire-burst on landing. Nil Repeat malfunction in auto-brake system. Opd next sector with 6hr delay.
03 Nov. 1532L Chicago O'Hare, Ill. MD-80 of AA Flt: AA1353 New Orleans flt re-landed 13 mins after t/off following ingestion of at least 1 bird. Nil / 72 pax +5 crew Follows 16 Sep AA & 24 Oct UAL engine-fodding bird ingestions there.
03 Nov. Tullamarine, Australia 737-705 of Virgin Blue Held for 45 mins to reduce weight and then carried out a flapless landing. Nil Reportedly a hard landing after reporting flap extension problems
04 Nov. Mt Isa NW Qld, Australia 737-800 of Qantas Landed with a brake failure after extended weight reduction holding Nil / >100 o/b Used all the runway to stop without damage. Assuming hydraulic failure.
04 Nov. 0632L Charles De Gaulle, France 747 of TAAG Angola On arrival from Angola a high-speed landing exited runway left - into the mud. Nil / 138 pax +17 crew Slide evac'd. R'way 08R closed and delays of up to 145 mins experienced.
04 Nov. 1627L Manchester, UK 737 of BMIBaby 767 of Excel WW3007's tail collided with the flt XLA340 wingtip during taxi to r'way 24L. Nil 767 had 255 pax for Goa and 737 had 79 o/b for Belfast. Damage unknown.
04 Nov. Khanty-Mansy, Russia MI-8 of Oil Ministry Helo crashed as a result of a technical malfunction on appch to destination pad. 1 fatal 7inj Pilot killed & 12 uninjured in rough emergency landing in Western Siberia.
04 Nov. Los Angeles Intl., Calif. 747-400 of Qantas Man stripped naked, scaled barb-wire fence and ran across ramp to enter wheelwell of a moving & departing 747. Nil Canadian man had earlier tried to purchase a ticket with an invalid credit card. Known to have bipolar disorder.
05 Nov. (et seq) Amsterdam Netherlands 59+ KLM flights KLM flts cancelled due to Icelandic volcano smoke drifting across Holland. Nil KLM wary due to earlier 15 Dec 89 near loss of a 747 in Alaskan ash cloud.
1 Air carrier accidents or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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