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Monday, January 19, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS2 Imagery at www.iasa.com.au/190104.htm
17 Dec. 0412Z Calgary, Alberta A320 of Air Canada Reg: C-FLSS ACA1103 declared an emerg for rapid decompression during inbound leg from Toronto Ontario at FL390. Nil Emerg cancelled on descent passing 10,000 feet. Landed 0436Z. Eng bleed faults on two engines simultaneously.
18 Dec. Sydney, Australia 747-400ER (new) of QANTAS Nose-cone damaged in a heavy hail during LA to Melbourne leg. Nil Previously sustained thrust reverser damage in a tug encounter at Sydney.
19 Dec. 1143Z Toronto, Ontario A320-214 of Star Airlines Reg: F-GRSH TSC516 exp electrical burning odor and arcing behind panel on initial climb passing 3000ft and returned. Nil Op under lease by Air Transat. Allen Key found inside electrical panel had been left during prior heavy maint.
02 Jan. 1800Z Toronto CL600 2B19(RJ) of JazzAir JZA8023 rt eng failed enroute and crew elected to continue to destination. Nil Oil pressure dropped to 16psi & AGB (accessory gearbox) chip detector indic metal chip debris.
03 Jan. Sacramento, Calif. CRJ200 of Skywest SKW6761 ingested a bird in #2 engine on t/off and returned. Nil No further details.
04 Jan. 0453Z Calgary, Ontario DHC8-301 of JazzAir JZA8447 decl emerg and returned with a main cabin door OPEN light. Nil 2nd occurrence of day for C-GTAQ. [temp-sensitive prox sensor].
07 Jan. 1020L Kagoshima Intl., Japan MD-87 of JAS Flt: JD650 Returned to Kagoshima after #1 engine failed on departure climb. Nil No further details.
07 Jan. Hewanorra A/P 777-200 of BA Aircraft nose-wheels got stuck in the mud whilst taxiing for departure. Nil St Lucia's Airport (Caribbean) was closed by the incident [Pax o'nite x 2].
08 Jan. 1501L Denver, Colo. A318 of Frontier Airlines Flt: 400 F/A seriously injured in turbulence during cruise flight. Nil No further details.
09 Jan. 1813L Waterford, Mich. Falcon 2000 Reg: N111VW Aircraft struck a metal object on runway 27L on take-off. Nil Unspecified but significant damage incurred.
09 Jan. noon Dulles Washington RJ135 of AA Flt: 4959 New York -Washington flt diverted fm Reagan to Dulles in security scare. Nil / 24 o/b Operated by American Eagle. Male pax passed a threatening note to F/A.
09 Jan. 2248L St Louis, Mo. Jetstream 3201 of Corporate Xpress N926AE passed through a large flock of birds on finals. Nil Sustained significant airframe damage.
09 Jan. 1720Z Hamilton, Ontario Westwind 1124 of CSI Aviation CF-ZEI crew declared an emergency for smoke in the cockpit and returned. Nil Deptd Hamilton (John C Munro A/P) for unknown destination.
10 Jan. Paris (Orly Intl) A310-300 of Airplus Comet A/c exp'd u'carriage problems and on landing went off onto the grass. Nil Operating for Corsair.
10 Jan. 1907L Farnborough, UK Jetstream32 of Eastern Awys Right eng failed explosively and caught fire FL110 30nms from Farnborough. Nil / 20 o/b Southampton-Manchester carried the Board of Manchester Football Club.
11 Jan. 04 JFK, NY 767 of Delta Flt: DL127 Flt from Madrid made low flyby and landed with heavy tread separation. Nil Assumed to have been sustained on take-off Madrid.
11 Jan. 1601L Anchorage 747-400 of NWA Reg: N662US Flt 17 diverted Anchorage Alaska with passenger medical emergency 1 sick JFK-Narita Japan Flight (departed an hour later).
11 Jan. 1950L Atlanta, Ga. 767-300 of Delta Flt: DAL131 Blew tire on t/off Munich and damage found on landing Atlanta. Nil Damage to underside of H7 main gear door and flap
11 Jan. Istanbul A/P A300B4 of MNG Freighter skidded off runway in rain. Nil Minor damage.
11 Jan. 1817L Keflavik Iceland 767 of BA Flt: BA229 Declared emerg at 1720L because of smoke and fire smell - and diverted Nil / 165 pax Baltimore bound flight ex Heathrow.
12 Jan. Brussels, Belgium MD-11F of Saudia Air Cargo SV903 (HZ-AND) was struck by lightning on departure and returned Nil No further details.
13 Jan. 2227L Morristown, NJ BD700 Global Express N917GL Scraped wing-tip on landing runway 5 in gusting crosswind Nil Minor wingtip damage.
13 Jan. 1927L Tashkent, Uzbek. Yak40 of Uzbekistan Awys HY1154 crashed into a concrete stanchion during a go-round in fog 37 fatal / 37 o/b A/c stopped in a ditch off 08L and was destroyed by fire. Deptd Termez.
13 Jan. Des Monies, Iowa MU-2 Marquise Reg: N60FL a/c reptd losing pwr, returned, landed r'way 5, & a fire in #1 engine exting'd Nil / 3 o/b No further details.
14 Jan. 0505L Chesterfield, Mo. Falcon FA20 Reg: N258PE Grande Air Xpress a/c departed runway 26L side on landing Nil Deptarted between A9 and A10. Wind & weather not a factor.
14 Jan. 1200L Hasanuddin, Indon. 767-300 of Garuda Hajj Transport made emergency landing 30 mins after departure Nil / 325 pilgrims Engine-related emergency (cross-hire fm Britannia). Pilgrims from Wajo.
14 Jan. Albany Intl A/P, NY Beech1900D of Colgan Air Aircraft made a safe landing with an unsafe gear indication Nil / 2 o/b Boston to Maine repositioning flight. A/c towed off runway.
15 Jan. 0133Z Beijing 747SP of Iran Air Flt: IR800 EP-IAC Tehran-Tokyo-landed with nose-gear up after securing #1 engine for a fault Nil / 154 pax / 26 crew Rway 36R Possible repeat 1994 Ansett 747 VH-INF crew error [Sydney]
15 Jan. evening Raleigh Durham 757 of Continental Flt 880 made an emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit Nil / 1546 o/b Newark New Jersey - Bogota Flight
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: The information obtained is preliminary, possibly incomplete, and may be supplemented by new findings. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson, International Aviation Safety Association (IASA)..
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