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Monday, June 7, 2004

Accidents and Incidents


PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS2 Imagery at http://www.iasa.com.au/070604.htm
02 May Milpillas, Mexico Turbo Commander 840 XC-JEH crashed after heavy weather encounter during its IMC cruise. 7 fatal / 7 o/b Near Aguascalientes from last reported level of 23,000 ft.
12 May 2120Z Winnipeg, Manitoba SA226TC of Perimeter Airline Outbound for Island Lake returned with a tripped #2 generator. Nil C-FIIA gen overheated and tripped (known weak generator armatures).
16 May 0225Z 55N 76W 747-433 of Air China Flt: CCA982 Crew was asked to confirm its position on being observed passing 6nm East of Oceanic reporting point. Montreal ACC warned next hand-off sector of continued inaccurate Easterly tracking. Nil Crew confirmed the radar position but claimed to be still heading towards a point already passed & cont'd to track erratically.
17 May 2225Z Toronto,Ontario 737-300 of United Flt: UAL562 Due to excessive holding on the ground followed by holding airborne, crew diverted enroute due to fuel shortage. Nil Chicago O'Hare to Buffalo NY. Held >2 hrs before airborne and then placed in hold due weather at destination.
20 May 0220Z Toronto, Ontario CL600-2B19(RJ) of MESA ASH2490 reptd a fire in the APU and stopped on the runway for inspection. Nil From Washington, D.C. Landed 24R at 0225Z. Inspected & taxied to ramp.
20 May 1733Z Dorval, Montreal C421 of HS Airways Inc. N487DH landed gear up after arrival from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Nil Substantial damage (two crew).
25 May 1724Z Covington, Ky. 757 of Delta Flt: DAL 1488 F/A was struck by a runaway beverage cart in moderate turbulence. 1 inj Medical diversion during Las Vegas to Cincinnati leg.
26 May 1718Z Lambert Intl Mo. MD-82 of American AA1396 encountered turbulence at FL170 and F/A was seriously injured. 1 ser inj 30nm SW of Forestell, Mo. (broken pelvis, ribs and wrist).
27 May 2257Z Nth Las Vegas A/P Raytheon Premier 1 N5010X ran off r'way 7 into chain fence & came to rest in the desert. Nil From Palm Springs, Calif. Substantial damage.
28 May 0130Z St Louis, Mo. 737-700 of SWA Flt: SWA2527 Enroute encounter with clear air turbulence caused F/A head injury. 1 inj Ex Albuquerque, N.M.
28 May 0037Z Tulsa, Okla. A319 of Frontier Flt: FFT357 Hot coffee spilt off cart in severe turbulence onto pax, so a/c diverted. 2 inj Denver, Colo., for Tampa, Fla. One pax and one F/A injured.
28 May 1939Z Fort Worth, Texas A300-600 of FedEx N662FE aborted takeoff runway 16L with engine problems, towed to ramp. Nil Substantial engine damage. Alliance, Ft. Worth, for Ft Lauderdale, Fla.
28 May 1722L Honolulu, Hawaii 767 of Hawaiian Flt: HI465 Pilots became aware of a deflated tire after take-off and returned. Nil Bound Pago Pago.
29 May 2139Z Las Vegas, Nev. A319 of American West AWE257 encountered turbulence on descent and F/A was injured. 1 inj 1 F/A taken to clinic with a head injury.
29 May 1315L Heathrow 757 of BA BA1444 Metal cowl latch became detached and was sucked into eng - so a/c returned. Nil Bound Edinburgh. Re-landed 30 mins later with vibrations.
29 May 1406Z Oakland, Calif. A320 of Jet Blue Flt: JBU94 N535JB struck several geese on take-off and returned. Nil Unspecified damage to #2 engine by loose goose.
30 May morning Copenhagen Intl. MD-90 of Scandinavian Pilot returned Kastrup after a rudder malfunction soon after take-off. Nil Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. Denmark to London
31 May 0500L Shannon, Eire 747-400 of BA Flt: BA206 Enrt Heathrow-Miami, forced to land Shannon due to cargo hold fire light. Nil / 308 pax Attributed to moisture release by cargo of fruit condensing on detectors.
31 May 0200L Newark, N.J. 767-400 of Continental Flt 46 (Ship 60) returned Newark from well past Halifax N.S. with an ill pax. 1 ill Houston-Amsterdam.
31 May 2213Z Anchorage, Alaska 757 of NWA NWA843 N550NW arrived gate B10 and when door opened a crew-member's hand was seriously injured (fractured wrist). 1 inj / 181 pax / 6 crew From Minneapolis, Minn. Struck by door 2L handle - door was opened externally by person outside on steps.
01 June Indianapolis Intl. 737 of SWA Knife found aboard aircraft caused evacuation of a concourse and delays.
Delayed 4 flights for 90 mins whilst pax were re-checked by security.
01 Jun 0219Z Atlanta, Georgia 767 of Delta Flt: DAL1196 767 struck fire truck with right wing leading-edge on taxi-in to gate. Nil Extent of damage unknown.
01 June Groningen-Eelde A321-231 of Onur Air TC-OAI Aborted take-off when #1 engine ate a bird enroute Dalaman, Turkey Nil / 207 pax / 8 crew Groningen-Eelde Intl Netherlands (via Enschede, Netherlands, opstop).
03 June 1307L Boston Logan 737 of Continental Flt 130 started squawking the hijack code 100nms out and was intercepted. Nil / 114 pax Finger trouble led to a fighter escort ex Otis AFB for this flt ex Cleveland.
1 Air carrier accidents or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).


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