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Monday, December 13, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

06 Nov. Amsterdam Intl. 737-5H6 of Air France F-GJNL took a baggage cart strike just fwd of R1 door just prior to taxi. Nil Paris-bound flt sustained substantial damage to its nose area.
13 Nov. 2210Z Nantucket, Mass. C402 of Cape Air N548GA aborted take-off runway 06 after striking a deer. Nil / 5 o/b Flt: CAP531
15 Nov. 1005Z Erie, Pennsylvania CRJ200 of Express Airlines FLG3730 was struck whilst being de-iced. Nil Extent of damage unknown.
15 Nov. 1332L Caracas, Venezuela YAK40 of the "Director of the Carlota" Fleet YV-1100CP landing directional control lost & a/c veered off runway, colliding with two other aircraft. Nil Citation (N560VP) & Beechcraft 90 (YV-2816P) written off. Yak lost right outer wing with eng3 & fuselage dmgd
20 Nov. 2015L New Orleans, La. MD80 of American Reported multiple bird-strikes on short finals but landed normally. Nil Damage to both windscreen wipers of Flt AAL474
21 Nov. 1455L San Diego, Calif. 737 of SWA Flt: SWA2234 Struck on right eng by a windblown baggage cart whilst holding short. Nil Bound Albuquerque - on a windy day.
22 Nov. Rome (Fiumicino) 737-85F of Sky Airlines On takeoff TC-SKC suffered tailstrike causing minor damage to tail section. Nil Overenthusiastic rotation in gusty conditions.
23 Nov. 1920L Corpus Christi Tx Cessna 560 of Avn Air LLC Maingear would not retract on take-off and then nose-gear failed to extend. Nil N898MC on dept for Kansas City, Mo. A/c sustained minor damage.
23 Nov. 2333Z Honolulu Intl. 717-200 of Hawaiian Airlines HAL529 collided with a baggage truck on taxi-in after arrival from Kahului 3 inj Baggage van driver plus 2 F/A injured.
24 Nov. 1700L Lansing, Mich. DC9-31 of NWA Flt: NW1933 On 2nd approach in reduced visibility a/c skidded off onto uneven ground. 3inj / 91 pax +3 Subst damage to N8944E on arrival from Detroit (2 crew inj + 1 pax inj).
24 Nov. Frankfurt Germany DC-10-30 of Omni Air Intl. On climb-out of Frankfurt, N59083 lost eng #3 cowling & returned FRA Nil Damage to engine pylon, aft wing structure and leading edge.
27 Nov. 0050L Chicago, Ill. MD82 of American AAL1404 while pushing back from the gate was hit by a de-icing truck Nil N274AA damage significant.
28 Nov. 1600L Gillette, Wyoming. Beech 1900 of Great Lakes N179GL struck a parked SW4 MetroLiner of Keylime whilst taxiing. Nil Extent of mutual damage unknown.
30 Nov. 1508L Lafayette, Louisiana Cessna 340 Reg: N5152J A/c exploded on ramp as maintenance worker turned on elec master switch. 1 inj Aircraft destroyed (suspect electrical short ignited fuel tank fumes).
30 Nov. afternoon Ujung Pandang Indo 737-2K2 of Bouraq Air PK-IJH skidded off the runway on landing, coming to rest in soft ground. 3 inj 2 crew + 1 pax, a/c severely damaged. Ujung Pandang is capital South Sulawesi
30 Nov. 0700L White Plains, N.Y. 737 of AA Reg: N905AN Struck by a tug while parked in the White Plains overnight parking area. Nil Sched for Flight 1831 but grounded by damage.
01 Dec. 0145L JFK Intl., N.Y. 767 of United 747 of BA N648UA struck a parked BA 747 during pushback from its gate. Nil Damage to G-BNLS unknown.
02 Dec. 0200L Miami, Fla. 747 of BA Flt: BA208 G-CIVB's #1 engine hit a cargo vehicle on pushback from its gate. Nil #1 engine cowling damaged.
02 Dec. morning Xiamen Fujian Prov 757 of China Southern A/c enrt fm Shanghai to Guangzhou made emerg landing due bad oil-leak. Nil Held overhead from 11am local until down to max landing weight.
02 Dec. 1245L Dinwiddie, Va. C414 of Central Virginian Avn. N2EQ returned, lost control & stopped at gate to fuel depot after striking 2 a/c 3inj / 4 o/b Minor injuries (seems to have been an engine-out scenario). C172 destroyed.
03 Dec. 1825L Collegedale, Tenn. C421 of 7th Day Adventist Church N4215D crashed in trees <2 miles=""> 5 dead / 6 o/b 4 senior church officials killed were bound for a Knoxville conference.
03 Dec. Gallatin Field, Mont. 737 of SWA Seattle-Kansas flt divted in to Gallatin Fld (near Belgrade) with an engine out. Nil / 71 pax + 5 Another a/c was brought in from Salt Lake City to retrieve pax.
03 Dec. 1700L Johannesburg Intl. 2x 737-800s of SAA 5 jets damaged & grounded by a hail-storm that hit in the late afternoon. Nil A319 x2, A340-200 x1 of Comair plus ground equipment took minor damage.
03 Dec. 1900L Paris (CDG A/P) On unknown jet headed for ???? Police conducting security drills lost a pax bag containing their explosives. Nil Gendarmes pointing the bone at sniffer canine (he got distracted, lost the plot).
04 Dec. 2041L McAllen, Texas CV580 of Contract Air Turboprop extensively damaged on leaving runway after L engine failed. Nil / 3 o/b N161FL through fence, snapping off wingtips, collapsing nose, props bent.
04 Dec. 1353L Maule Lake, Fla. CV340-70 of Miami AirLease N41626 pilot did a nice ditching in this small lake after a prop failed to feather. Nil / 2 o/b Just after dept from Opa-locka Airport (Bahamas bound) the left engine quit.
05 Dec. Manchester UK 737 of EasyJet Flt: 7038 Amsterdam-Liverpool flt diverted after electrical systems started to fail. Nil Landed 24R & pax coached by bus from Manchester to Liverpool Airport.
05 Dec. Guangzhou A/P 757 of China Southern CZ3410 made an emergency landing with thick smoke in the aft cabin area. Nil Ex Kunming. (happened 20 mins out of Guangzhou's Baiyun Airport)
05 Dec. 1456L El Cajon, Calif. Learjet of LifeGuard Med. LifeGuard 200 overran departure end 27 on landing and stopped in the mud. Nil / 6 +patient N507HF nose landing gear damaged. Learjets have a slippery mode.
06 Dec. 1640 IST Mumbai, India IL62 of Russian Govt. VIP Fleet IL62 of Pres Putin's entourage hit a large bird at 21,000ft and diverted.
40 mins after departing Delhi. Pres Vlad Putin was aboard a preceding jet.
07 Dec 1620L T34P Mentor Crashed in Montgomery Co., Texas 2 fatal / 2 Rt wing fell off (known T34 problem)
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA)
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