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Monday, November 21, 2005

Accidents and Incidents

03 Oct. 1100L Dulles, Virginia EMB170 of United Express Climbed abruptly from 3000ft to 3500ft in response to a TCAS alert 1 ser inj/ 45 o/b Reg: N650RW. Resolution advisory for a head-on with traffic 500ft below
06 Oct. 0340L East Midlands A/P A300 of Channel Express Fire crews were called out to extinguish a brake fire after landing Nil Arriving from Cologne, Germany
19 Oct. 1845Z Houston, Texas HS125 Reg: N564BR Pilot dragged the right wing on the asphalt when landing in light winds Nil/10 o/b Minor damage (Houston Hobby A/P). Owner: Kaleidoscope Aviation Corp
25 Oct. ~1200Z Wildwood, N.J. Caribou DHC4 Reg: N56NC Caribou struck by a "parked" Piper PA25 N6220Z in the tie-down area Nil Parked a/c moved by high winds. Minor damage
28 Oct. late night Olympia, Wash. Agusta A109 Mk2 of Airlift NW Crashed on takeoff fm Providence-St. Peter Hospital's roof helipad 1 inj / 4 o/b A Sept. 29 crash of another Airlift NW A-109 in Puget Sound killed 3 crew
28 Oct. 1720L Cheongju, Seoul ATR72-200 of Hansung Airline Flt HA303 deflated 2 LH tires on arrival at Jeju International Airport Nil/64 pax Regulator checking on reports that HA is wearing out tires way beyond limits
29 Oct. 1130Z Nashville, Tenn. King Air 200 Reg: N5LE A/c went off the far end after landing too far in -- in foggy conditions Nil Arriving from Smyrna, Tennessee. Operator Executive Air Express Inc
29 Oct. 0917L Boston Logan A/P EMB145 of US Airways Express Plane lost cabin pressure shortly after t/off, descended and returned Logan Nil / 37 pax +3 Plane taken out of service for checks. Flt 31-55 was bound Savannah, Ga.
01 Nov. 1445Z Laredo, Texas DC9 of SkyTrain N989XA L wing hit a large metal container while parking in non-movement area Nil/2 o/b Minor damage to port wing
01 Nov. Auckland, NZ 767 of Air NZ Reg: ZK-NCO NZ76 from Hong Kong circled A/P whilst damaged nosewheel inspected Nil/156 o/b Landed uneventfully after 30 mins. Faulty nose-gear downlock sensor
02 Nov. 1606L Rostov-on-Don, Russia TU154 of Aeroflot Don Diverted and landed Rostov-on-Don Southern Russia with an engine fire Nil/69 pax Sochi to Moscow flight
02 Nov. Vancouver B.C. A340-300 of China Eastern Returned soon after take-off (and a fuel dump) with an engine problem Nil/273 pax +16 Headed Shanghai
02 Nov. 1058L Malmo, Sweden 737-800 of Ryanair 737 diverted in to Malmo/Sturup with an engine failure Nil/111 pax Tampere,Finland, to Stansted UK flight
02 Nov. 1630L Mumbai, India ATR42 of Air Deccan A/c returned from point 150 kms out with port engine failure Nil/39 pax Flt DN-323 Mumbai to Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
02 Nov. 0755L Sioux Falls, S.D. A340 of UPS Flt: UPS491 Following a bird strike, port engine vibration caused a return to land. Nil/3 o/b Joe Foss Field airport, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
02 Nov. 1657L Osaka, Japan 777-200 of JAL Flt: JL1870 Emerg diversion Itami A/P following a left engine hydraulic system failure Nil/181 o/b Engine shut down 15 mins out of Osaka. Kagoshima to Tokyo (Haneda)
03 Nov. 2325Z Colorado Springs 757 of UPS Flt: UPS28 Struck a goose at FL360, desc FL280 due cracked windshield & continued Nil/4 o/b Louisville, Ky., for Sacramento, Calif. No emergency declared.
03 Nov. SCQ Galicia Spain MD-88 of Iberia Reg: EC-EZA Port wing destroyed by fuel-truck collision with stationary a/c on ramp Nil Santiago de Compostela A/P. A/c was "Ciudad de Segovia"
03 Nov. 1220L Kathmandu, Nepal SAAB 340 of Yeti 9N-AHM Landed Tribhuvan A/P after a port MLG wheel dropped away after t/off Nil/21 pax +3 Headed Pokhara, Nepal. Minor damage
03 Nov. Heathrow UK 747-400 of Virgin Atlantic C-VWOW engine #1 podstrike while landing r/way 27R at Heathrow Nil Flt: VS4 from NY (JFK) hit turbulence from a crosswind over the hangars
04 Nov. 0845L Dong Xuyen Vietnam PZL M-28-05 AJE-003-09 Crashed into a field near Dong Xuyen village near Hanoi's Gia Lam district 3 fatal/3 o/b Operator: VNAF (medium twin utility transport)
04 Nov. 1842L Calgary, Alberta A319 of Air Canada A319 lost its #1 (port) engine after t/off due to flying into a flock of geese 1 goose cooked First stage fan blades chewed. Departed r/way 10 & landed back on r/way 16.
04 Nov. ~1300L Austin, Texas Citation II of unknown Emergency landing Austin Bergstrom airport after hitting a bird on t/off Nil Holed wing causing fuel leak. Problem is rubbish dump on extended centerline
05 Nov. 1845Z Bermuda A320 of USAir Flt: USA1476 Encountered severe turbulence in vicinity of Bermuda, injuring a pax 1 serious injury Barbados for Philadelphia, Pa.
05 Nov. 0440Z Miami, Fla. 747-200F of Tradewinds Intl Flt TDX151 lost an engine cowling on dept & continued to Bogota, Colombia Nil No point scowling over a cowling
05 Nov. 0958L Houston Hobby A/P Citation 1 of HCEA. N505K Told to expedite due SWA 737 flt 422 inbd with eng oil problem -& crashed 2 fatal/2 o/b Maint test flight appears to have lost an engine (or had a flt controls failure)
05 Nov. Lagos, Nigeria 777-200 of KLM Intl airlines banned flts into Lagos soon after a KLM a/c was damaged Nil KLM 777 engaged a hole on the main runway and damaged its MLG
05 Nov. Anchorage, Alaska MD-11F of EVA Air Crew mistakenly took off from a taxiway parallel to assigned r/way 32 Nil Headed Taipei, Taiwan, from Ted Stevens Intl Airport, Anchorage
06 Nov. 1238Z Heathrow UK 777-200 of American N781AN struck on elevator and port wingtip by passing A340, Reg: TC-JDK Nil/243 pax In hold area. Turkish A340 speedtaped missing winglet and departed.
06 Nov. 0935L New Delhi A330 of Gulf Air Flt: 132 Declared an emerg and re-landed after an engine failure on climb-out Nil/ 230 o/b Bound Abu Dhabi UAE
06 Nov. 1132L Kathmandu, Nepal Fokker 100 of Cosmic Air Emergency landing at Tribhuvan Intl A/P with hydraulic failure Nil Bound for Biratnagar, Nepal
08 Nov. 1545Z Eureka, Calif. Cessna 421 Reg: N47CA Golden Eaglet ran off the runway to the right on takeoff Nil / 1 Minor damage
08 Nov. ~1400L Sokoto, Nigeria 747 of Kabo Air Plane was diverted to Kano Intl after 2 dicey attempts to land in reduced vis Nil Returning from Saudi (Umrah aka lesser Hajj) with a VIP load
08 Nov. 0720L Manchester NH EMB-110P1 of Air Now A/c bound Bangor Maine crashed into a Walmart store soon after t/off 1 inj UPS freight contractor Business Air Freight, Flt: RLR3352. N7801Q writeoff
09 Nov. ~0710 Melbourne, Aust. 737-7Q8 of Virgin Blue Flt DJ809 returned soon after take-off with fumes in the cockpit Nil No further details. Flight was Sydney bound.
09 Nov. am hrs Windsor Locks, Ct 737 of Delta Flt: DL1718 A/c struck birds on t/off, an engine was damaged so a/c relanded Bradley Nil/134 pax Headed for Cincinnati
09 Nov 0835L Melbourne, Aust. 737-7Q8 Reg: VH-VBI Experienced a rapid decompression at FL400 and carried out emerg desc Nil Sydney New South Wales to Melbourne Victoria
09 Nov. 1400L Schiphol, Holland 747 of Polar Air Freighter aborted t/off on 37L, blew tires & damaged runway lighting Nil Amsterdam runway taken out of service until jet could be moved
09 Nov 0915L Stewart, N.Y. 727 of FedEx Enrt from Boston Runway was cleared off for an emerg landing with severe fumes in cockpit Nil/3 Construction workers cleared the 11,818ft r/way of debris in six minutes
09 Nov. 1520Z New York JFK 767 of Delta Flt: DAL73 F/A received unknown injuries when a bio-hazard fluid splashed her face 1 inj Unknown circumstances. Aircraft arriving from Istanbul, Turkey
09 Nov. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 737 of US Airways NTSB reports plane came within a few seconds of landing on a Comair CRJ Nil CRJ was lined up. ATC tumbled to the conflict and sent the 737 around
11 Nov. 0400L Kak-e-Shahidan Afghanistan IL76MD of Royal Airlines Flight: 1102 Cargo plane flying comms equipt from Bahrein to Bagram Airbase flew into a hill 30km north of Kabul 8 dead / 8 o/b Reg: 4L-ZIL was on military charter Bahrein-Kabul-Bagram and onward to Sharjah UAE as RPK1102
12 Nov. 1015L Ottawa, Canada A320 of Air Canada Touched down at 1100L after an engine problem enroute to Halifax Nil / 98 pax & crew 4th major Air Canada serviceability incident in 5 months (one was birdstrk)
12 Nov. ~0600L Dublin, Ireland A330 of Lufthansa Precautionary shutdown of #1 engine in cruise due low oil press Nil #1 engine replaced
13 Nov. night Manchester, N.H. 737 of SWA Flt: SW530 Flt lost cabin pressure, masks came down & continued to Manchester Nil / 131 pax @14K feet. No fault found on arrival; more 737 pressurization switchology?
14 Nov. Belfast City A/P Ir Dash 8 of Flybe Engine was shut down due to a prop overspeed and a/c returned to BHD Nil FlyBe BAe146 aircrew admitted to hospital after a fumes incident
14 Nov. 0646L Catarman, Philippines BAe146 of Asian Spirit Plane skidded off rain-soaked runway into a padi-field on arrival Catarman Nil / 32 pax +6 Minor damage to gear and fuselage on arrival from Manila
14 Nov. ~1045L Dublin, Ireland ATR42 of Aer Arran Landed r/way 28 with LH engine shutdown (frozen power lever?) Nil / 4 crew Returning from maintenance work in Sonderborg, Denmark
15 Nov. p.m. hrs Akon Sthn, Sudan Twin Otter UN Charter Landed short in the rough, tearing the right-hand gear totally off Nil Probable write-off
15 Nov. Auckland, NZ 747-400 of Qantas QF25 Los Angeles-bound flt turned back after 4hrs due to a fuel leak Nil / 348 pax NZ PM Helen Clark was aboard [and missed an LA meeting]. Left next day
15 Nov. 1340L Pittsburgh, Pa. Saab 340B of Colgan Air N242CJ damaged its L wingtip when it struck Colgan's Saab 340 N346CJ Nil/1 Minor damage (taxi/reposition is a two man job)
15 Nov. Antioquia, Colombia C206 of Sade Charter Crashed 15kms after t/off from Olave Herrera A/P in Medellin [for Ituango] 6 dead / 6 o/b In mountains between Girardota & Copacobana in NW Prov of Antioquia
15 Nov. Damascus, Syria A320 of Gulfair Flt: GF901 4 Australian women detained due to gun parts discovered in a child's toy Nil Damascus to Bahrein. Iraqi-born women had a dismantled hand-gun
15 Nov. night Hamilton, Canada Gulfstream 100 of Jetport Inc. Ran off the runway while landing in fog, mist and heavy rain Nil / 2 o/b Undamaged
15 Nov. 1003L South Hampton, N.Y. C208 of ShoreLine Avn Seaplane N117SA crashed in Little Peconic Bay, Long Is. & partially sank Nil / 3 o/b Occupants rescued by fishermen. Caravan is a write off
16 Oct. >2200L Johannesburg, S.A. A340-200 of SAA. Flt 274 Returned after dumping fuel for an emergency landing on runway 03 Left Nil Forward cargo-hold fire warning
16 Nov. morning Kanoya AB, Japan YS-11A of JMSDF Had a 9.1mtr airmiss with civil helo while on appch to Kanoya Airbase Nil / 9 o/b In Kagoshima Prefecture 985km SW of Tokyo (Maritime Self Def Force a/c)
16 Nov. 2328L Gaylord, Mich. AC50 Commander 500 N1153C crashed short of runway on instrument appch in icing conditions 1 dead 3/4 mile visibility in snow & mist (broken cloud at 600ft) with temp below freezing
17 Nov. 1207L Savannah, Ga. King Air 100 of JRT Group Props Returned for a belly landing shortly after leaving Charlie Brown A/P Nil After circling since 1120L trying to extend the RH gear
17 Nov. Vologda, NW Russia MI-2 of GAZProm Oil Found crashed on a copse near the village of Baklan close to the pipeline 4 dead + 1 inj Inspecting Ukhta-Torzhok gas pipeline
17 Nov. 0708L Ft. Myers, Fla. 757 of UPS Cargo jet declared an emergency 10 mins out with a hydraulic failure Nil / 4 o/b RSW (Southwest Florida Intl A/P). Aircraft was towed to a hangar
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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