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Monday, July 2, 2007

Accidents And Incidents

18 May 1427L Fairbanks Alaska MD83 of Alaskan Reg: N949AS Going around from a misjudged 30 deg offset non-precision inst appch, the right wingtip hit the nil ...runway. Flt 99's wingtip suffered minor damage
01 Jun day Zurich Switzerland Gulfstream V Reg: HB-IMJ Aircraft was forced to land with a retracted nose-gear after extension options failed. nil/4crew + 5 pax 1997 build GV received minor damage. Inbound to Zurich from Rotterdam
01 Jun midnight Trenton AFB Can IL76 Candid of INC Perimeter fence found broken after IL76 go-round in reduced visibility (Afghan Charter) nil Later landed damaged at Ontario Intl due Trenton fog (headed Kandahar)
03 Jun 1225Z Phoenix Arizona CRJ200 of Mesa Airlines Flt ASH2844 experienced an APU fire inflight which was extinguished before landing nil emergency declared. Similar incident to UA7275 on 26 Sep 06 -landed Daytona
05 Jun day Dubai UAE MD-11F of Gemini Air Cargo N705GC tipped up onto its tail during loading in high winds (see tinyurl.com/2b4f9y) nil MD-11F must be loaded in a strict ordering (details at link with imagery)
06 Jun day Opa Locka FL C118B Liftmaster Reg: N70BF DC-6A hit a microburst on t/off and hit an object in the overrun. Later landed safely. nil/5 pax & 4 crew Florida Air Transport. Substantial damage
07 Jun ~2030L Louisville Ky A320 of US Airways Flt:US688 Aircraft made a safe emergency landing Louisville after an enroute engine failure nil/137 pax onboard Phoenix to New York (Newark)
09 Jun afternoon Houston Texas 747-400 of KLM Flight: KL662 Executed safe emergency landing Houston after losing engine number 4 on approach nil Arriving from Amsterdam
11 Jun ~0610L Tel Aviv Israel 767-300 of Bulgarian Air Flt:FB572 Escorted back by fighters after reporting tech problems soon after departure nil Tel Aviv to Sofia Bulgaria. minor damage
13 Jun ~1530L Dominican Rep 767-300 of Martinair Flt: MP603 Emerg evacuation on main runway after a fire in the main landing gear before takeoff nil/265 pax onboard Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to Amsterdam
13 Jun 0945Z Guipuzcoa Spain Bell 212 reg: EC-FBM Twin-engined helo collided with terrain during flight under IMC conditions 2 fatal Op by Helisureste Spain. Left Santander for Alicante
14 Jun evening Accra Ghana 747-200F of Atlas Air Cargo During off-loading at the ramp, the Cof G changed, tail tipped and struck the ground nil Santa Maria to Accra. Minor damage
13/14 Jun Newark NY 767-300 of Continental Flight 1970 Toilets overflowed down the aisles on two consecutive trips (Flts 71 and 1970) nil/168 pax Shannon-Newark pax were offered a $500 flight voucher. Latex gloves flushed down toilet
15 Jun day Payam A/P, Iran EMB-110 of Payam Airlines Ground engineer was struck by port propeller while removing chocks from EP-TPJ's wheels 1 dead a moment's forgetfulness
17 Jun 1320L Teterboro NJ Avanti P180 of Avantair Flt 152 Braked heavily to avoid collision with SR22 N6026K taking off simultaneously on the cross r/way nil (3 uninjured) Near collision at intxn 24 and 19. Avantair N152SL blew two tires. A 50ft miss distance
18 Jun 1115L Chicago O'Hare 747-400 of United Flt UAL1 Aircraft returned promptly following an engine failure after takeoff nil/ 340 onboard Headed Honolulu. Underway again 9hrs later aboard a 777-200
18 Jun 0130L Egegik Alaska BN2A-26 reg: N27MR Air taxi Britten Norman Islander crashed under unknown circumstances while landing nil/7 onboard substantial damage
19 Jun ~1900L Stansted UK Avro RJ85 of Blue1 Flt:KF553 Announced on approach that some sections of airframe had detached and fallen on homes nil Blue 1 flight arr from Vantaar Finland. Imagery at: tinyurl.com/2opyh5
20 Jun day Boston Logan EMB135 Of American Eagle Flt 4539 landed gear up, scraped their flaps, went around, mech-lowered gear and landed nil/37pax + 3crew N731BE go-around on seeing gear disagree light (image at tinyurl.com/2wqvgv)
20 Jun 1910L Auckland NZ 777-200 of Air NZ Flight: NZ8 Hit a flock of geese soon after takeoff and had to return to Mangere Airport Auckland nil/260 pax onboard Headed San Francisco. Radome and nose damage
20 Jun night Winnipeg Canada 747-200F of NWA Cargo FltNWA909 Diverted into Winnipeg when a cargo fire alarm cooked off about an hour out of Wilm nil Wilmington Delaware to Anchorage Alaska
20 Jun day Malawi 737-300 of Air Malawi QM201 Flt QM201 had hardly levelled at altitude when there was a sharp pop and a depressurization nil/110 pax Headed Johannesburg, but returned to Malawi (Chileka de Blantyre Airport)
20 Jun 2217Z Laramie Wyoming Beech 1900D of Great Lakes Air Flt 174 struck a Navaid box while turning off onto a taxiway and a propblade detached nil/11 onboard ....and penetrated the fuselage of N253GL
21 Jun day Kamina, Dem Republic Congo LET410 of Karibu Airways Lost height after takeoff and ended up inverted in a swamp with its fuselage submerged in mud. Suspected overloading. 1 dead + 12 injured/ circa 26 onboard Kamina to Lubumbashi DRC flight. Destroyed. One Member of Congolese Parliament killed
21 Jun 1751Z Denver Colorado 737 of United Reg: N386UA Aborted takeoff roll due to windshear and pax were deplaned on the taxiway due hot brakes nil minor damage
21 Jun ~2200L Tehran Iran TU154 of Air Tunis B9-913 A/c suffered a large-scale electrical failure during its approach & was towed into the ramp nil/150 pax onboard Bandar Abbas to Mehrabad A/P Tehran, Iran
23 Jun ~1115L Kyrgyzstan Yak 40 of Kyrgyzstan Airlines Flt 4452 returned for an emergency landing & burnt out on the runway after an explosion 12 uninjured Reg:EX-901 enroute Tamchi Kyrgyzstan to Bishkek & turned back after 10mins
24 Jun ~1815L Galway Ireland RAF Merlin helo EH101 Mk3 On lift-off into a high hover at an airshow, a cabin door fell off injuring some spectators 3 injured on the ground Salthill airshow. (in fwd flight would probably have taken out the tail-rotor..)
24 Jun night Auckland NZ 777-200 of Air NZ Flight: NZ8 Landed back after 10 hrs after turning back 5 hours out with an engine problem nil/303 pax onboard engine vibrations
25 Jun Orlando Florida A330-200 of Monarch Landed very hard at Sanford Intl, damaging the maingear and acft is now being ferried to Manchester UK for repairs nil Newcastle-Sanford (G-SMAN/ZB365). Ferry Flt is MON328P. Replacement 767-300 XLA127 has Monarch's pax

1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries, investigated by aviation safety agencies of various nations.

2 DISCLAIMER: Assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation.


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