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Monday, February 16, 2004

Questions Remain

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS2 Imagery at www.iasa.com.au/160204.htm
14 Jan. approx Sturt Is., Papua, New Guinea DHC-6 of PNG Regional Air A/c badly damaged in t/off accident on wet runway at Sturt Island. Unk Twin Otter use of NLG tiller at high-speed on wet runway not recommended.
19 Jan. Seattle Sea-TAC Dash8 of Air Canada JAZZ Pilot mistakenly touched down on taxiway on arrival from Vancouver. Nil / 35 o/b 3rd occurrence on "16R" taxiway in last 5 years (despite a large yellow X).
26 Jan. 1607L Mexico City MD-11 of Varig Reg: PP-VTF A/c exp tail-strike after hitting sink or shear on late finals runway 23L. Nil / 193 o/b Benito Juarez Intl A/P. Reported to be minor damage.
30 Jan. 1835L Akron, Ohio Learjet 35a of Grande Aire Hit a concrete wall during taxi-slide on 1" ice and suffered severe damage. Nil Akron-Canton Regional Airport. FAA has had operator under increased surveillance.
30 Jan 2222Z 50nm W of Ft St John C208B of Alta Flights C-CAFC Pilot reported shutting down all electrics due to an electrical failure. Nil Measure required in order to shut off continuous loud stall warning.
01 Feb. 1700L Pittsburgh, Pa. SAAB340 of Shuttle America Broken pin allowed baggage cart to disc from tug and impact fuselage. 22 uninj One other cart found with broken pin. A/c substantial damage at Gate E11.
04 Feb. 1207Z Toronto, Ontario Canada EMB-145ER of Mesa Aviation Flt: Mesa2809 Tug with MD-83 in tow called by ATC to "hold short for a/c on t/off" Acknowledged - but later reported "unable to stop due to icy surface." Nil ATC called for a Mesa2809 abort and there was no danger of an imminent collision. Duty a/c tug was a small pickup truck (not against TC regs).
05 Feb. Kansas City CRJ of United Express Skidded off taxiway after a snowy arrival from Chicago, Illinois. Nil / 29 o/b No damage.
05 Feb. early p.m. Andrews AFB, Md. Air Force One of USAF VIP Sqdn. US President's jet was forced to go around due to a truck on the runway. Nil Suspected to be an apolitical SNAFU, but driver thought to be possibly French.
06 Feb. 2235Z Thunder Bay Ont. Beech A100 of Thunder Air Thu102 reported smk, descended, depress'd & turned off all electrics. Nil C-GASI blower fan motor had failed (2 years old, new design).
06 Feb. 2200L Colombo SriLanka IL-18 of Phoenix Reg: EX-005 Damaged runway lights after emerg ldg due to NLG failure to extend. Nil / 7 crew Belly-landed on grass RH side rwy04. Two engines seriously damaged.
06 Feb. 1207L Kansas City 737 of Delta Airlines Strong gusts blew Atlanta-bound a/c off taxiway & NLG was stuck in mud Nil / 151 pax Taxiway was ice-covered and ungritted.
06 Feb. 0104L Alliance A/P Tx MD-10 of FedEx 7x2 ft wing panel fell from flt1104 on its approach. Nil / 3 crew Fell in parking lot of an apartment bldg in North Fort Worth. (Ticketed)
06 Feb. 1732L Morristown, NJ DO-328-300 of Phillip Morris N328PM ingested blackbirds into #1 and diverted Westchester A/P N.J. Nil Sucked in a flock on departure (needs filter-tips & avian nicotine patches).
06 Feb. 1415L Las Vegas, Nv 727 of UPS United Parcel Svc. Hit a cargo trailer with the right wing while taxiing on the cargo ramp. Nil Replacement nav light enroute via UPS.
06 Feb 0348L Rochester NY CL-600 of Comair N917CA hit rt rear wingtip of N958CA, a Cl-600 parked at Gate A3. Nil Minor damage to the striker (Flt Coma5372).
07 Feb. 0140Z Lac La Biche Alb. Cessna 560 of SunCor energy C-GSUN declared emerg, reporting smoke in the cockpit & diverted. Nil Landed Edmonton City Centre 0202Z (i.e. 22mins later).
08 Feb. 1403L MAG Osmani A/P A310-300 of Bangladesh Biman Pilot aborted take-off with an unspecified mechanical defect. Nil / 220 pax Sylhet Bangladesh. Pax re-routed on other flights.
08 Feb. 1300L Dublin, Eire 767-383ER of Air Holland PH-AHX diverted Dublin with hydraulic failure of center system. Nil Amsterdam to Dominican Republic flt had left AMS after 24hr tech delay.
08 Feb. 1603L Cairns Nth Qld C208B Caravan of Cape York Air VH-CYC ditched in the ocean after engine failed (salvageable from surf). Nil / 2 o/b Ditched lee-side Green Island (Cape York Air now insolvent).
10 Feb. 0200L Wales, Alaska BE99 of Commuter Taxi N208CS slid off the end of the slick runway on landing in a crosswind. Nil / 3 o/b Nome for Nome via Wales. Minor damages only.
10 Feb. 1140L Sharjah Intl., Iran Fokker 50 of Kish Air Flt IRK1770 (EP-LCA) crashed 3kms short on approach in clear weather 44 fatal / 46 o/b Possible throttle baulk fail. 3rd World expat workers' visa refresh run.
10 Feb. 0118L Stansted, UK Falcon 900EX of Stork Diverted for an emergency belly landing (unable to extend all gear). Nil / 4 o/b Reg. VP-BMS on a Tanzania to Luton run landed Stansted r/way 05.
11 Feb. 1944L Los Angeles, Calif. CL-600-2B19 of SkyWest N958SW turning into gate area when truck on service rd hit under left wing. Nil / 44 o/b Minor damage to wing underside of flt 6947.
11 Feb. 0205L Toksook Bay, Alaska C208B Caravan of Air Taxis N1276P crashed on take-off due to a windshear-induced control problem. Nil / 7 o/b Extensively damaged.
12 Feb. 0536L Thessalonica 737 of CSA (Czech Airlines) Returned from 25 mins out with an unspecified "serious" engine problem. Nil / 116 pax Landed Mikra, Thessaloniki Greece ("Macedonia" airport).
12 Feb. Bergen, Norway Falcon 900 of RNAF Nose area seriously damaged by a Statoil fuel tanker head-on collision. Nil Aircraft parked at the time (Flesland Airport).
12 Feb. 0310L Atlanta, Ga. 767 of Delta Flt: DAL855 Cabin service lift truck hit a/c door during passenger boarding. Nil Aircraft taken out of service due to extent of damage.
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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