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Monday, August 6, 2012

Avation PLC Receives First ATR 72-600 


Avation PLC received the first ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft to be operated in the Asia Pacific region, the company said Monday.

The Singapore-based aircraft leasing company has placed firm orders for nine ATR 72-600s with options to purchase another eight 72-600s.

Monday's first ATR 72-600 was received by Avation as part of an agreement with with Australian regional carrier Skywest Airlines and Virgin Australia.

“This is the first of a series of ATR 72-600s we are buying and we are delighted that it will be the first operating in the Asia Pacific region where we are successfully operating on a number of Australian regional routes. The acquisition is in line with our strategy to own and maintain a fleet aircraft which are of a low age and very fuel efficient and which as a result, have a high residual value to shareholders,” said Jeff Chatfield, chairman and founding director of Avation Plc.

Avation did not say when they expect the first Asia Pacific region ATR 72-600 to enter into service for either Skywest of Virgin Australia.

“Today's delivery to Avation is significant not only because this is the first ATR 72-600 to go to the Asia Pacific region but because of the growing importance of Avation as an ATR customer. There has been very positive feedback from passengers who have travelled on the ATR 72-500s in Australia, and the enhanced comfort of the new 600 series model should contribute to continued favorable reaction to ATR services. Avation's commitment to expand with ATR 72-600s is a significant vote of confidence in our aircraft,” said Filippo Bagnato, CEO of ATR.

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