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Monday, March 21, 2005

Accidents and Incidents

22 Jan 04 Manchester, UK MD-80 of SAS Flt 539 Erratum: incident (misreported as 22 Jan 05) involved no crew-reported fire Nil Smoke & elec smell (only) was caused by an overheating ceiling light ballast
02 Mar 2333Z Ft Lauderdale, Fla. Cessna 402C Reg: N88TN Aluminum skin-strips hanging from the a/c's RH elevator after landing Nil Elevator trim-tab had separated from actuator allowing a violent flutter
02 March Muscat, Oman 737-800 of Omanair WY505 Salalah bound flight returned after many pax and all cabin crew were sick Many ill No evidence of bacterial food poisoning or air contamination found
03 Mar 1905L Los Angeles, Calif. 767 of Masair Cargo N314LA After landing discovered paint chips embedded in RHS composite geardoor Nil Prior unreported ground collision to Masair 6841
03 March Newark, New Jersey 777 of Continental Flt 99 Flt 99 to Narita Japan had a nasty tailstrike on take-off (N78008 tail-skin has been worn down to the stringers) Nil Hull 008 has extensive damage and a new rear bulkhead is being built in Japan. Boeing to repair for US$4.6M
08 Mar evening Calgary, Canada CRJ700 of United Nose-gear doors and jetway damaged as jetway removed with GPU attached Nil GPU=ground power unit
08 Mar 1708L Belize City Caravan C208B of Tropic Air Flt 2110 crashed into the sea soon after take-off from this municipal strip 7 inj / 12 +1 Appears to be wind, weather & poss. disorientation (vice engine failure)
08 March Charallave, Venez. Citation 1 of Air Global YV-21CP Crashed and burned after 2nd attempt to land r/way 28 off VOR/DME appch 2 fatal / 2 o/b 800ft cloudbase (arriving Caracas from Maturi-Quiriquire A/P)
09 March Budapest, Hungary 737 of EasyJet Emergency landing due to an unspecified technical malfunction Nil / 105 pax No further details
09 Mar 1110L Atyrau, Kazakhstan AN24 of SKAT Shut down starboard engine due to oil pressure loss and landed Nil / 36 pax +4 Pax resumed journey on a ready reserve AN24 within 2 hrs
09 March Aberdeen, UK 737 of KLM Full decontamination response to white powder found in baggage hold Nil / 83 o/b A/c arrived from Amsterdam had a bag of flour burst in a unclaimed rucksack
09 Mar 0005L San Francisco, Calif. 747-400 of SIA Flt 001 Blew two left MLG tires on t/off, dumped fuel and returned to SFO Nil / 237 + 21 Retracting blown tires and proceeding is never a good idea (gear sticks UP)
09 March Aceh, Indonesia GA8 of MAF A/c sheared off right wing & gear in landing on road to distribute supplies Nil / 2 o/b MAF: Missionary Avn Fellowship conducting relief humanitarian ops
09 March Baghdad, Iraq AN-12 of Vega Reg: LZ-VEC Right wing and one engine hit the dirt on landing and a/c is now a write-off Nil / 7 o/b Vega is a Bulgarian operator
10 Mar 1000L Winnipeg, Canada A319 of Air Canada AC262 All pax complained of burning lungs, eyes, throats so flt returned 2 hrs later Many inj / 61 pax De-icer fluid contamination of aircon system
11 Mar 1212Z Teterboro, N.J. Beechjet 400 Reg N877FL A/c aborted its take-off and slid off the departure end of the runway Nil / 3 +1 Obviously stopped before the highway Teterboro is to get improved o'runs
11 March Grozny, Chechnya MI-8 of Russian Border Guard Interior Ministry helicopter hit power-lines and crashed, catching fire 14 dead / 2 inj / 16 Russian Ministry of Defense says 15 a/c & 22 pilots lost in Chechnya since Dec 2001
11 March Brussels, Belgium 737 of Lufthansa flt LH4578 56 Iranian monarchists staged a post-landing sit-in that lasted 16 hours Nil / 56 pax Ex Frankfurt pax wanted the nuclear-besotted mullahs removed by the EU
11 Mar 2255L Ezeiza, Brazil 777 of AA Flt AAL908 RH eng fire on t/off caused by cracked fuel nozzle supply pipe & a/c aborted 5 inj / 216 +14 A/c was evacuated by slides on the runway. Eng cooked (7 mins to extinguish)
11 Mar 0500Z Milwaukee, Wis. CRJ-200 of NW Airlink FLG2823 Flight FLG2823 slid sideways off the taxiway whilst maneuvering Nil Nil damage
12 Mar 0502Z Milwaukee, Wis. CL600-2B19 Reg: N8932C On landing this Pinnacle Airlines jet veered off the runway 1 inj / 8 pax +2 Substantial damage (arriving from LaGuardia, N.Y.)
12 Mar 0035Z Blythe, Calif. MU-2 Reg: N333WF Air taxi operator landed gear up causing minor belly damage Nil / 3 pax +1 Assuming an inadvertent belly landing
12 Mar ~1600L Abuja, Nigeria 727 of Chanchangi 727 allegedly caught out by wind-shear and wiped its gear (a/c is a write-off) 119 uninj / 119 Namde Azikwe Intl A/P. 2nd 2005 belly landing for Chanchangi 5N-BEU
13 Mar 0155L LAX, Calif. 747-400 of Air China 840,400lb Beijing-bound behemoth sank through taxiway edge and mired Nil / 336 o/b Flt 984 cut the corner enroute to r/way 35R and sank about 3ft. Defuelled
13 March Phoenix, Ariz. CRJ-200ER of United Express Returned after 20 mins missing a panel and landed runway 26 Nil N961SW
14 Mar 1700L Isle-of-Man, UK BAe146-300 of FLYBE Emerg landing due to smoke on flight-deck. A/P closed for just over 30mins Nil Bandeirante of Keenair later called a Mayday for eng failure and returned
15 Mar 0715L Lima, Peru AN-26 A/c stuck on belly on runway 33 closing airport's only lengthy runway Nil Suggested that pilot forgot flaps and stalled during gear retraction on t/off
15 March Ezeiza, Brazil 767-300 of UAL Flt UA846 A/P closed for 4hrs after a/c's left engine caught fire on t/off & a/c evac'd 5 inj / 173 +12 Dulles bound. On 11 Mar 05 a 777 (of AA) had a similar incident at Ezeiza.
15 March Manchester, UK Emb145 Helo flew across the finals flight path of a landing a/c, missing it by 1/4 mile Nil Helo pilot ignored ATC instruction in marginal weather at night. CAA invstg
16 March 1353L Varendei N. Russia AN-24 of Lukoil Op by Kemerovo RA46489 banked hard during final appch to Varendei & crashed in flames 29 dead / 45 +7 Flt RL9288. Ufa (S. Siberia) to Varendei (several intermediate stops)
16 Mar 0015L Macrihanish, UK BN Islander of LoganAir Medevac a/c crashed at sea during its approach in conditions of low cloud 2 fatal / 2 o/b 400ft cloudbase. Operated for Scottish Ambulance Service (last crash 1995)
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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